Russia deploys more troops on Ukrainian borders and places mines in Azov Sea (National Council for Security and Defense)



2014/07/21 • War in the Donbas

The National Council for Security and Defense (RNBO) reports that Russia continues to deploy troops to the southern and eastern borders of Ukraine and is placing mines under the cover of missile boats in the Ukrainian section of the Azov Sea.

“A formation of armoured vehicles of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (about 100 units) arrived at the Russian railway station of Likhaya in the Rostov Region; the column then headed towards the town of Novoshakhtinsk in the Rostov Region.” stated Andriy Lysenko, Director of the RNBO Information Centre at a briefing in Kyiv on Monday…

Lysenko declared that they had recorded an increase in Russian manpower and military equipment near the village of Strelkovoe in the Kherson Region.

“In addition, Russian Armed Forces have started mining the Ukrainian section of the Azov Sea around the captured gas production facilities. This undercover mining is carried out by two Russian missile boats.” he added.

Translated by Christine Chraibi





  • Peter Riebeek

    Probaly an obvious question, but are there any International rules and laws concerning mine laying? It must be surely a piracy act of Russia, especially since this is in Ukrainian waters.

    • Ionut Nelescu

      world leaders lack BALLS and Putin knows it; he will do as he pleases unless bitch slapped. the E is vastly, vastly different than the W

  • John Mc Grath

    Well look at it from a military point of view. I think its the Russians making sure nobody in the west i.e. Dutch, has ideas about a naval assault to secure the crash site. There are only a hand full of European countries, that can do this with success. In order of power Britain, France, Spain, Dutch these countries have the specialist ships to do this and also it could. stop the Ukrainian navy from providing Naval Gun fire support to Ukrainian soldiers on the ground. I am not sure if the Ukrainian Navy has ships that can do long range missile strikes in land? as I was army not navy

    • Ionut Nelescu

      US ships are active in the Black Sea as we speak 😉

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  • Mazepa

    russia’s natural gas and oil pipelines will be destroyed. The attacks will be effective, targeted and sustained for the next 30 years.

  • Adam Rytwiński

    It doesn’t look good… I’m afraid those bastards Russians are preparing something really bad. I hope Europe will opent its eyes at least.
    God bless Ukraine,
    Best regards from Poland.

    • Murf

      You and me both Adam.

      I hope the tragedy of the airline will make the world see the so called rebellion for what it is, an invasion by irregular forces to make ready for a full scale invasion of Ukraine. At this time to deflect blame from Russia for at the very least, complicity in the murder of 290 people.