Russian residents condemn U.S. & Ukraine for shooting down MH17

2014/07/20 • News

RFE/RL’s Tom Balmforth asked Moscow residents what they knew from the Russian media about the July 17 crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine. Some respondents blamed the Ukrainian government — and the United States — for the apparent downing of the passenger airplane. Others dismissed Russian television as an unreliable source of information and said antigovernment rebels in eastern Ukraine were responsible for the plane crash.

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  • llewellynh

    There is one thing that all reasonable people can do because apparently too many national leaders are wimps.

    Let’s just not ever visit Russia and let’s try very hard to cut back on our use of oil and never, ever by a Russian product.

    It would be bright but out of the question for just one leader to suggest that we who have very warm houses in the winter get ready to wear more sweaters!

    • Igor Fazlyev

      You could instead start by having all the children and family members of prominent Russian politicians kicked out of your countries back to Russia.
      I don’t know whether it’s true or not but I saw claims being made on the Internet that one of Putin’s daughters, Maria, lives in …. wait for it…. the Netherlands.

      • llewellynh

        We can do both. I do think the sanctions must include Putin because he apparently has more money stashed than the rest of them. There is a legal aspect to it though. Normally, heads of nations and their families are not targeted because the thinking is that they would then become chronic targets of enemies.

        And I’m not sure children of these folks can be blamed but certainly they can be photographed and made to feel unwanted in their new homes by newspapers and the internet making people aware of who is living amongst us.

        • Igor Fazlyev

          Depends on where their children are getting their money from.
          Like if that girl Maria has an honest job and all she can stay, if she’s living off her father’s loot that he stole in Russia then she has to go. Simple as that.

          • llewellynh

            That is why I think the media has to provide coverage of the adult children of oligarchs. Without information people are not able to make intelligent decisions. I don’t know a thing about Putin’s daughters because the press world wide seems to be “respecting their privacy” Well, if they are what we call Trust Fund babies, yes we need to know and I frankly question any western country at this point when unemployment is so high, giving a job to someone who can do just fine where she was born.

  • Adam Rytwiński

    Jeee… Russian propaganda is really “magic”… Do they really believe that civilised world would buy their lies? We in Poland know Russian propaganda very well for years, and now it seems that at least the rest of the world found out it too. Poor, stupid Russians…

  • Arctic_Slicer

    Are the Russian people really that gullible?

    • Igor Fazlyev

      unfortunately gullibility is also a function of the amount of propaganda you get subjected to.

    • Ionut Nelescu

      watch 1 hour of Russian TV, you pick the channel, within 15 minutes you will be off to the funny farm – guaranteed.

  • Reformedviking

    …must be fun living in a parallel universe.

    • llewellynh

      It isn’t fun at all and I do think that those of us who are not living in the hell that you in Ukraine and other areas are, are going to have to make very politically aimed choices on how we spend our money and who we are helping. We can’t rely on governments it seems so it drives decision making way down to the individual level. The only “fun” I got out of the Maidan experience was to find Rosen chocolate. I admit it: I’m hooked but am not looking for less fattening products from Ukraine.

  • Joe Bachagaloop

    In Russia the clock has been turned back 60 years – same government disrespect for its own people with lies and false promises. Russia couldn’t be trusted in the past and definitely cannot be trusted now. Putin is an acutely disturbed paranoid schizophrenic. God save the good Russian people from this deranged guy whose heroes are Hitler and Stalin.

    • llewellynh

      No, that clock started with Ivan the Terrible!

  • Adam

    I was prepared to write something nasty about how stupid
    some Russian people are. But then I had to think about it objectively, and in
    that light I have to admit MOST people are that dumb. Most people don’t look at
    the whole picture. Way too many people “World Wide” swallow their countries
    propaganda without another thought……………Sadly

  • arpete29

    what’s he truth?russian people are defending their Nation! I m thinking it’s logic!