Ukraine and Poland discuss creation of a regional military force



2014/07/16 • News

A Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian military brigade “UkrPolLytBryh” may be created in the near future, President Poroshenko’s press service announced, July 14, after his telephone discussion with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

The Polish prime minister said he supported Poroshenko’s position on resolving the situation in the Donbas. “It is important that you have the reputation of being a president of peace, who also is determined to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. This approach is supported by Poland and is firmly based on positions outlined in the decisions of the EU,” Tusk said, according to the press service.

Tusk also expressed his condolences over the growing numbers of casualties among Ukrainian armed forces in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. The two men paid special attention to the question of creating a Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian military brigade and agreed to sign the appropriate agreement soon, the press service reports.

Finally, Poroshenko shared his concern about the manipulation of information and the outright lies distributed by Russian propaganda in the European media space. The two men exchanged views on methods and new opportunities for delivering true information about Ukraine in Poland.

At the end of the conversation, Poroshenko expressed gratitude to Tusk for Poland’s humanitarian assistance to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, for Polish help in expediting customs clearance for armor purchased for Ukrainian soldiers, and for cultural and educational programs for youth. He also invited Poland to join Ukraine in the effort to create jobs on the territories of the Donbas that have been liberated from terrorists.

Translation: Anna Mostovych

  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    My everlasting gratitude and admiration go to the people and govt of Poland.

    • Adam Rytwiński

      Thank You :)

  • Murf

    Thank god Ukraine has a valuable ally in Poland.

    • LorCanada

      Ukraine to ally with Poland, this is a new thought that is welcomed news! Ukraine certainly can use support in its hour of need.

    • Adam Rytwiński

      Yes, but please remember my friend, we are not too strong, this is why we need to work on bigger alliance for You :)

      • Murf

        To be clear I am American. That said I think the US, Poland and Ukraine need to work together to an even grater extent.
        I also have been less than impressed with the current administrations attitude towards Poland give the enthusiastic help Poland has provided in all our operations. The US should have at least forward staged the 3rd Cav Regiment to Poland instead of a couple of Paratroop companies. I also think the US should have sent more help to UA then a few battlefield happy meals.
        A Polish/UA alliance will go along way towards countering Putin led Russia.
        Best regards from the US.

        • Adam Rytwiński

          Thank you very much Murf for your kind words :)
          We Poles always keep our promisses, we are always loyal to our allies. Generally I agree with you, however I think that we should act together to get Ukraine into NATO. Ukraine will become officially our ally what will able us to defend this country legally and with full power if in danger.
          I like very much (as well as the majority of Poles) your idea of US troops stationing in Poland, I do really appreciate you words :)
          Regards from Poland :)))

          • Murf

            Thank you sir, for your countries friendship and support. Many people may not realize the unselfish help Poland has provided the US in the past decade. In Iraq Poland sent a brigade and acted as the headquarters for the Multinational Division. Riding heard on the various contingents could not have been easy.
            In 03 while on called up for the war my head quarters sent a team to Poland to help get your army ready to be flown to Iraq. All the team members were very impressed with your army’s professionalism and willingness to cooperate with us. They were also impressed by your hospitality. Although they had to get used to the idea of Vodka with grass in the bottle that bison urinated on. Heh heh. But most didn’t remember any ill side effects. Didn’t remember much of any thing for that matter!
            I have yet to hear a bad comment about the Polish Army for the professionals who know what they are talking about.
            I greatly admire how Poland takes it’s defense serious. keep up the good work.
            I also admire your countries loyalty as an ally. Please be patient with our government (but not to patient. The US doesn’t respect timid chumps.) the US can be a bit feckless and easily distracted. Obama wanted to try and calm Putin’s paranoia personally I think he just encouraged the little bugger.
            I fully agree that the US should base troops in Poland. At least the 3rd CAV (A light armor brigade size unit based on the Stryker vehicle.) but I would prefer a full heavy Mech or Armor brigade.
            Nice to hear from you.

  • Problem Solver

    There is a risk that Russia will see direct conflict with Ukraine as just a matter of time. Should Separatists lose than sanctions start on Crimea. Should Putin pull out of Crimea than a Russian Spring becomes increasingly likely. One only has to look at the new American Ambassador to Russia. NATO nations seem to think that enough pain to the Bear will produce correct behavior. Who knows they may be right. However, few seem to fear that enough pain to the Bear can cause it to strike out. Right now one can find many around the world who are questioning if conflict between NATO and Russia is just a matter of time.I will not go into the rational for this thought. What is clear is that in such a conflict Eastern Europe would likely be the battle field.

  • garyoptica

    The great problem in Europe now is that Russia will not respect borders and added to the fact that it demands self enriching relationships and even levels of corruption then we see a progression of Putins ruthless control of the Russia that he took over and now the Russia he demands subordinates other ex states towards him.Thier is no foreseeable relenting of his narcissism in power apart from the real threat of economic uncertainty and wider conflict and this is mostly driven by his constant frustration of losing popularity at home that he had to win with a hoaxed terrorist campaign in Moscow and a phoney war to prevent a mineral rich Chechen independence.At 62 thier is little time left to patch up the USSR and little left of its former power to sustain it but he will now use terrorism as a means to exact and project power without the great risk of losing popularity at home by creating wolves and lambs across the borders with a little help from his state controlled media pedalling fake news for the lovers of Soviet style TV.

    • Kruton


    • LorCanada

      Well said, thanks! The reality is not pretty but we have to face it.

  • Cristian Muñoz

    Now, when Germany is unwilling to support further sanctions against Fascist Russian government mafia, it’s time for those nations that are REALLY concerned about Russia to establish their own security mechanism. I mean Scandinavian and Baltic nations, Poland and Ukraine. Since the beginning of Crimean crisis, nations as Norway, Sweden and Poland have been the MOST realistic nations in Europe regarding Russian fascist russophilic russocentric imperialist threat. Even Finland is considering apply for NATO membership because of Russian madness in Europe. It’s time for Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland), Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine to establish a new regional security structure under NATO, in which USA, UK and Canada will give the big support from outside Europe. Please, remember that those US submarines that destroyed the Kursk operated from Norway, so Scandinavian nations are VITAL to stop Anti-Democratic Russian Russocentric Russobssession over Europe. It’s time for Poland to find it’s own place in Europe taking the lead in the support to Ukraine in this Kremlin-backed Russian-Chechen aggression against Europe, the first since Hitler.
    PS: If Frau Ribbentropp want to preserve it’s business ties with Moscow, then if Kremlin starts an invasion to Ukraine, Poland should bomb and destroy NordStream. ;D

    • Adam Rytwiński

      My dear friend, please don’t overestimate our possibilities, we are only a medium size country in Europe. We will do what we can of course, but all depends on our bigger partners, we have to act very carefully.
      We have very good relations with Germany, I hope our prime minister Tusk is able to influence Mrs. Merkel.
      And I understand, that the idea of bombing the Nord Stream is a joke 😉

  • Doug Williams

    Putin is actually doing the former members of the USSR a great favour by helping them all find common ground and to come together against ruSSia.

  • Murf

    An alliance between Poland, Ukraine, and Romania out side the structure of NATO would be beneficial. NATO has far to many agendas that inhibit action.particularly swift action.

    • sandy miller

      I agree…they need to get together with Scandanavian countries and baltics, Moldova everyone they can get. Russia isn’t a bear it’s a snake.

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  • sandy miller

    Thank God for Poland and Lithuana…The only way they’ll be safe from Russia is for all the ex-soviet countries to get together and form a strong military alliance. It’s pretty obvious Germany and France are will to be part of the Russian evil axis. I think ww2 started with Staline ad Hitler being friends? I wonder how long Germany and France will love kissing Putlers behind. No wonder they love him reminds them a lot of Hitler their dear leader. . The two most evil empires of the 20th century are back together again.

  • sandy miller

    Ukraine, Poland and all other countries stop talking and take action. Putin laughs and causes violence while you talk. Enough with all the conversation. Get your soldiers into east Ukraine and start kicking ass. Enough with that snake and his violence. Putin lies and keeps killing Ukrainians while you sit around on phones talking . OIY God save Ukraine and all those other countries. Surely they will rue the day if they don’t take if they let this bully keep going.

  • sandy miller

    Euro maiden don’t show us Poroshenko making speaches and talking on phone that’s like shows Obama playing golf and hanging around his celebrities while the world burns. He needs to be out amongst the people and soldiers as much as possible. He needs to get all the other countries together NOW not tomorrow or the next day.

    • LorCanada

      The problem, in part, is USA must work alongside EU. So pushing Obama to the front to work unilaterally isn’t what is needed. It’s teamwork with the rest of Europe in mind.

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