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2014/07/16 • Daily Updates

Brothers and sisters!

Here’s the Summary for July 15, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for July 14).

The bad news:

1. The successes of the ATO forces, which we cheered until just after the end of the “ceasefire,” have changed into “trench warfare.”

The main reason is that by saving its terrorists in Donbas from total defeat, Moscow resorts to every conceivable and inconceivable international crime. This includes the deployment of heavy weaponry to Ukraine (now increasingly so, alongside their military personnel and combat crews), and the direct fire support of insurgents from the territory of the Russian Federation–at the positions of our border control guards and Armed Forces.

I don’t know why we are so stubbornly ashamed to call a spade a spade and officially state that there is a war by Russia against Ukraine. Otherwise, it comes to the point of absurdity.

Here today, for example, the RNBO [National Security and Defense Council] came up with a puzzle. The town of Snizhne in Donetsk Oblast [region] was hit with an airstrike. Our aviation did not even rise into the air [today]. Experts at the ATO headquarters argue that terrorists have no a priori aviation at their disposal. [So] here’s the question: who could have inflicted this blow? The RNBO coined the term, an “unknown aircraft.” So whose plane can this be, if not the ATO forces’ or the insurgents’, how many options are left? Meanwhile, 11 civilians were killed …

Until we call black, black, and the war a war, the theater of the absurd will continue.

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2. From the same series…dances continue around France’s delivery of the “Mistral” helicopter carriers to Putin. The position of Paris: since things between Ukraine and Russia are all well, Madame la Marquise, why should we give up the contract? 

The bottom line is that the West cannot supply weapons to Ukraine because it is prohibited [from doing so] by exporter codes of conduct–as in, this is a zone of conflict, [and] weapons cannot be sold here. And Russia, which started and is waging this war, from the point of view of international law has not the slightest relationship to the conflict!

If we can force the international community to recognize that Russia is waging a war against Ukraine–the question of a ban on deliveries of military and dual-purpose goods by civilized nations to Russia will be solved by itself. The one who sells even a cartridge case to Putin [will be considered a] criminal.

3. In Russian cities, local authorities are openly holding send-off ceremonies for “volunteers,” as well as those openly recruited by the military commissariats, for good money, to the war in Ukraine. Today, such a ceremony was held in Samara.

I very much hope that every one of the mercenaries, whom the Russian freaks applauded today in Samara, returns home–to the last. In beautiful zinc containers. Although not quite complete.

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Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


  • Con Sequins Nickleby

    It is possible that Putin’s recent trip to Cuba was not just to get with the Castro brothers again and cancel most of Cuba’s debt, as well as to request a chance for a Russian oil company to begin drilling for oil offshore from Cuba’s western tip of the island. He could have done that with a phone call from Moscow. The western edge of Cuba is in the Gulf of Mexico and very close to Mexico’s resort town of Cancun, just across the Yucatan Channel. From that vantage point in or somewhere near Cancun, Russian soldiers and/or mercenaries could conceivably cross into the U.S. at night, disguised as illegal aliens and head North through the U.S.-Mexican border. It would also not be unconceivable that Putin went there in person to assess the situation to see if he could get away with slipping an invading force into the United States, possibly in retaliation for the sanctions placed on certain Russians.

    He would have a willing accomplice in Barack Obama if that was the case since Obama is responsible for the breakdown of the border security in the southern border States. Perhaps there is some collusion between the two Presidents since Obama is a known Marxist/Socialist whose father was a Communist from Kenya, and his close friends and mentor are also die-hard Communists.

    I don’t know if such a thing would happen as it would be a huge undertaking on the part of the Russian President. But there is always that one possibility that Putin could determine that it is doable. If so, we American patriots will be ready for them.


  • Kruton

    Any functional military bases of a foreign power in Cuba means war. Even the moslem in chief can’t stop it.