Tymchuk: Russian forces coming to Ukraine July 15

Dmytro Tymchuk, head of the Information Resistance group

Dmytro Tymchuk, head of the Information Resistance group 

2014/07/14 • War in the Donbas

Russia is preparing to send its special forces from Rostov Oblast into Ukraine. The news portal Ostrov reports this news from Dmytro Tymchuk, coordinator of the Information Resistance group, who spoke at a press briefing.

“Last weekend we received exhaustive confirmation about this, and we can say this with certainty,” he said. “Special forces groups are arriving in Rostov Oblast. These are regular intelligence and diversionary brigades from Russian Military Intelligence Operations (GRU). According to information we have, the unit commanders anticipate being sent into Ukraine on the fifteenth (of July). This date has flashed on more than once in information we have been receiving.”

Tymchuk claimed that as of today, the Russians are deciding how these units are going to be sent into Ukraine.

“They expect that they will be called peacekeepers and that Russia is getting ready to introduce its own so-called peacekeeping forces into Ukraine,” the expert stressed. “Or they will be ‘green men’ like those in April (in Crimea).”

He saw as motives for this “a feeling that the terrorists in the Donbas are in their last days” and Russia trying to rescue its situation in any way possible.

In Tymchuk’s opinion, Russia is sending forces to Ukraine’s northern border where there are no combat operations taking place in order to divert Ukrainian forces’ attention from the Anti-terrorist Operation (ATO) zone.

He also did not rule out the possibility that Russia is reviewing possibilities of direct intervention in Ukraine by seeking out justifications for it.

He reminded the press that according to news Information Resist has, regular Russian military are already being sent onto Ukrainian territory. At the same time, according to Tymchuk, they are in Ukraine without documents “in the manner of the little green men” to make it impossible to prove their presence in Ukraine.

“We know from two sources on the territory of the Russian Federation that they are anticipating that if they are taken captive, they will be retroactively dismissed from their units,” he said. “And then they will say things like (Igor “Strelkov”) Girkin said, when he claimed he was an FSB officer who had resigned earlier.”

According to Tymchuk, the deployment of regular Russian Federation forces is, among other things, a result of local militants having become demoralized.

Translation by William Risch, Georgia College

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  • Shirley Damazo

    What Kiev will do to prevent this?

    • Jes Sørby

      Bomb Rostov

      • Shirley Damazo

        Wishful thinking. I would from here if I could.

        • sandy miller

          I would bomb the Kremlin make sure Putin and his regime are in it. They might have Merkel and Hollande visit at the same time.

      • griffinalabama

        Look at all the bombings against the civilians of east Ukraine already. The nazi army is killing women and children and elderly people on camera and the media is covering it up. The truth shall set you free. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8S2AcR-oaA

    • RedGA

      This is what Putin wants. He is creating the hostile environment for Ukraine to be the one that acts first. Putin makes slight moves to irritate Ukraine and provoke them to a foolish response that enables Russia to keep the “moral high ground” and act either in defense OR as a savior to stabilize the situation. Putin is a disciple of Andropov. This is Active Measures Generation 21.

      • Mat

        it’s sad when we can call a small war “irritation”. Russia has no moral high ground, they send in tanks on a daily basis, just because its undeclared doesn’t make it clean. We already saw the ‘old switcheroo’ they pulled in Crimea.

        • RedGA

          I never said Russia had the moral high ground. This is why I had it in quotes. Russia only cares about the image they cast before their own people and their allies. This is not a popularity contest for them. It is all psychological operations from their standpoint. Putin’s methodology is straight out of any history book discussing fascism and fascist leaders. This is dirty war. And he is the dirtiest player in the game right now. His history and background tell us all we need to know about his motives and what his actions will be. The West trying to talk peace with him is foolish. Look to Neville Chamberlain for the results of this sort of placating behavior. Either you punch the bully square in the nose and knock him down or just roll over and accept having your lunch money stolen every day.

          • Mat

            I agree but isn’t it foolish to go through all this for internal consumption? He could invade today without all of this and cook up his own reasoning for his propaganda channels and the Russian public would lap it up.

          • jblvcegda

            The mindless Katsaps believe anything their Dic Head Putin says! Let these Stupid Morons follow him into hell!

        • griffinalabama

          CNN now reporting that a half million refugees are fleeing to Russia for safety from the atrocities being conducted by the coup Ukrainian nazi army.


          • jblvcegda

            All Moscow propaganda smells the same!

          • IOUC

            smell like your fucking mother :)

        • jblvcegda

          Russia’s high ground is a toilet. Time to flush these Nazi Criminals into Moscow’s Sewers!

      • Shirley Damazo

        The situation is bad enough since Ukraine doesn’t know how to handle the fact that Russian army and armament are already in Ukraine. It is an empty threat to state they will invade, they have done already. Only something out of the blue could change it.

      • Shirley Damazo

        The situation is bad enough since Ukraine doesn’t know how to handle the fact that Russian army and armament are already in Ukraine. It is an empty threat to state they will invade, they have done already. Only something out of the blue could change it.

      • griffinalabama

        Here’s new Ukraine democracy. Nazi Right sector commander Oleg Lyashko threatens to throw a councilor out of a window if he doesn’t sign a confession admitting to helping the separatists. True nazism in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBbuNHhj2Aw

        • jblvcegda

          Russian Nazi Propaganda!

          • IOUC

            Hungarian businessman offers 150,000 euros for the head of Oleg Lyashko.

            Some days ago the bloody Battalion Azov, a gang of extremists, mercenaries and psychos hired by the zionist-jew olygarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi (who is living in Switzerland) was destroyed in Saur-Mogila near Donetsk by a special operation of the Donetsk People’s Republic militias using light artillery. The commander of the Battalion Azov is the radical politician, well-known phedophile and convicted criminal Oleh Lyashko who was not in the front-line. An Hungarian businessman Mr. Laszlo Varga announced a reward of 150 thousand euros for the “head” of Oleg Lyashko. The money will be transferred to any bank in any city in the world to the person able to hunt and kill the sadistic Oleh Lyashko. It looks that the Hungarian businessman has been shocked by the scenes where Lyashko was torturing civilians in Slavyansk. More information can be found in this link : http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=91c_1405004641

            Pictures: the histrionic and mentally unbalanced leader of the Battalion Azov. He is wanted for his multiple criminals activities against the Ukrainian people. We include as well a picture of Lyashko torturing a man with needles.


      • jblvcegda

        Dic Head Putin is a Paranoid Schizophrenic Sociopath like Stalin & the first Hitler. He is a thief, killer and liar. He will be eliminated.

        • IOUC

          Neo nazi French mercenary Gaston Besson captain of the Battalion Azov.
          “We do have strong ideas about the future of Ukraine and Europe” Gaston Besson
          Gaston Besson is a well-known international mercenary who has fought in several countries (Burma, Laos, Cambodia) always in the side of the money. You can find complete information about him here (in french language) : http://www.grands-reporters.com/Moi-Gaston-Besson-mercenaire.html

          He fought in the war of former Yugoslavia in the ranks of the Croatian far right radical extremists. He committed many crimes there against Serbian people. He lives now in Pula (Croatia) and according to him he is member of the “croatian army special forces”.

          This experienced and sadistic mercenary is now captain of the infamous Battalion Azov that some days ago was destroyed by an unit of the Donetsk popular militias. The commander of this special death squad, funded by the zionist-jew olygarch Igor Kolomoioski (who is living in Switzerland) is Oleg Lyashko, a well-known phedophile and convicted criminal who is leader of the so-called “Radical Party”. It’s not clear if Gaston Besson is among the members of the Battalion that were killed in the special operation launched by the militias of Donbass.

          We reproduce in this post information that I took from his google plus profile. You will get an idea about the kind people who are fighting in the ranks of the western backed maidanite regime. His profile in google plus can be found in this link

          “Shared publicly – Jul 11, 2014

          “I,m Croatian Army Special forces, And captain in the bataillon Azov. Got no pros with Russian. Bataillon Azov official language is Russian .. With us we have Russian, bielo-russian, balte, Ilatalian, scandinavian, slovak, Croatian, French etc .. Its an European bataillon .. You want to find me? Very easy. Type my name on the Croatian yellow page. I live in Pula with my wife Ivana, Tomislav 4 years old, and marko coming in November 15. Do ou want my phone number?”

          Shared publicly – Jun 19, 2014

          “S.N.A./ Azov Battaillon : – Communication –

          All foreign volunteers are now, more than welcome to join our revolution … An international unit is now under construction in the Mariupol region – Black sea / Azov sea – with the ” Bataillon Azov” under Ukrainian Interieur ministery …

          You have to understand that this is a volunteers unit . Nobody gets paid … Including the Ukrainian … We have a very limited budget .
          You will be take care of, only on your arrival in Kiev , not before !
          Please let me know your age , if you are married, kids , …. How long do you intend to stay ? A short period ( minimum 2 month ) to give trainning to the boys …. or longer ( 4 to 6 month + ) to fully join the Azov bataillon ? Do you have any obligation at home ? Family , work …etc ?

          Do you want to go in combat operation with the Azov bataillon or just give trainning or maybe both ?
          To go to combat operation is a plus, but not an obligation for volunteers of a certain age who can provide good military trainning …

          So basically you need to get to Kiev when we give you the green light . You will be provide with a telephone number, an email address, and a name of an English speaking person part of the S.N.A. ( Political branch of the Azov Bataillon) .
          Just get there and they will take care of you . For sleeping, eating, basic training in our Kiev military base.. etc … Untill you are fit and clear to be send to our base in the south East of Ukraine to join the fight .
          I will give you much more infos on time …

          Please again … Remember that we are the military wing of the S.N.A. -Ukraine, associate with Pravyi Sektor – Ukraine. We are Socialist, Nationalist and Radical .
          We do have strong ideas about the future of Ukraine and Europe .
          Please send me basic information in order to understand who you are and what are your motivation to join us .
          Lets be clear again . Nobody is getting paid, This is a revolution for idealiste .. You will find over here, only problems, war, adventure, maybe death or serious wound, but for sure also great memories and friends for life.

          Please provide us with:
          – Name , Surname
          – Age
          – Nationality
          – Where do you live
          – Military experience
          – Motivation
          – Family situation ( Married, kids …etc)
          – Able and/or willing to train our soldier ?
          – Willing to go in combat operation ?
          – Length of stay ? For training officer – Minimum 2 month – And to fully join the Bataillon Azov minimum 4 to 6 month + .
          – Your file will be then submitted to our commanding officer and accept or reject ..
          P.S : Again. It is not an obligation for training officer to go to action. There are more than welcome to only train our boys …
          Gaston Besson
          Ukrainian International Legion
          [email protected]

          We include here some pictures of this dangerous mercenary. And also the picture of the book “Putain de guerre” (bitch of war) that analyzes the life of this bloody mercenary. The book was published in France some years ago.

  • Steve

    See what happiness when you give up your nukes. You get invaded. No country with nukes gets invaded. Time for Ukraine to get back some nukes they gave up. Time for Ukraine to get cruise missiles with nuke warheads and let Moscow know ANY invasion results in the Nuke of Moscow and St. Petersburg. If Ukraine has to die it should let Putin know it will not die alone.

    • Mat

      Totally agree.

      • griffinalabama

        Who in their right mind would seriously consider giving these men nukes? Look at this one. This Mykola Bondar of the Right Sector. Can you get anymore Hitler looking than this man as he calls for more ethnic cleansing?

      • sandy miller

        The only nazi’s are still Putler and his regime and Germany. They’ve gotten together again. The two most brutal dictators Stalin and hitler in the 20th Century have been recreated once again in Russia and Germany. They have must in common. They’re destroyers of free people everywhere. You must be proud Russia and Germany. The two evil empires live again.

        • Alexei Lebedov

          Russia needs a dozen Stalins right now……..to the gulag, wench! Im joking…..you did nothing illegal, just spewing MSM lies, you need a doctor? Come to Moscow…..theres some therapy here: vodka, friends….Russians are friendly. Really. Dont believe the lies, Sandy.Fight it. You can do it, I trust thee.

    • griffinalabama

      Nazis with nukes! Yeah right….that would be an intelligent decision.

      • jblvcegda

        The only Nazis are Dic Head Putin and his Katsap Killers! KILL EVERYTHING RUSSIAN! It is still the best policy!

        • griffinalabama

          Check out this nazi. Once again it’s our number one, loves to film himself conducting atrocities, nazi! Mr. Oleg Lyashko! In this lovely clip he kidnaps a couple of locals and tells them they will be lucky if they are ever heard from again! Ah new Ukrainian democracy in action! Isn’t it sweet. And the EU and US are paying for this crap? Man the wold has turned into a turd when we fund nazis like these ones.

          • swift69

            you obviously don’t speak ukrainian/russian or are hoping against hope that those reading this don’t as your characterization ” In this lovely clip he kidnaps a couple of locals” is a comedy.

            I only watched the first 6 minutes of this video so far. I challenge you to translate this for all of us and tell us exactly what Lyashko is saying in this video. Maybe something changes 6+ minutes in, but he comes off as extremely honest.

            Why don’t you ask your wife, who I understand is your mail-order special behind your putinism, to translate WORD FOR WORD what the guys are saying.

            Update: 9 minutes in and Lyashko comes off EXTREMELY decent and honorable.

            honestly, that you posted this video suggests you obviously don’t know the first thing about the situation.

            The guy on the left is the (former) “defense minister” of the “donetsk republic.” lyashko questions him as to why the FSB (KGB) is calling his mobile phone.


            Quite the opposite of threatening them, he tells them repeatedly that they are being taken for legal proceedings under a democratic system.

          • Malice in Wonderland

            Damn, I prepared a whole rebuttal to griffinalabama explaining how the video he posted did not support his argument and then he goes and deletes the post.

          • Murf

            People keep referring to him but EVERYTHING he posts is deleted.
            I guess I will have to be quicker on the dime.

          • Mark

            That’s the democratic way, didn’t you know? If you don’t like it but can’t rebut it, delete it.

          • http://ukrainianpolicy.com/ UkrainianPolicy

            How on earth did you equate trolling to democracy?

          • Murf

            Some things are better left unsaid,
            Constructive debate, even heated,is one thing but vicious hate is another.

          • http://ukrainianpolicy.com/ UkrainianPolicy

            He’s banned. Banished into the void.

      • sandy miller

        Ukraine has never invaded a country. Can you say as much for Russia and Germany.

        • Gospodin B

          Sovereignty can only be established from a position of strength. For this is exactly why the Russians took advantage of the moment to annex Crimea and destabilize East Ukraine.

        • Alexei Lebedov

          Ukraine doesn’t exist…..its a fake creation…….sandy, sandy, sandy. Read books.

    • Alexei Lebedov

      Goddamn, you are so dumb. You need some money for Zoloft, Haldol?

  • Dikobraz Dikobrazov

    The 1994 Budapest Memorandum, in which assurances were given to Ukraine that her sovereignty and borders would be respected, signed by the US, Great Britain and Russia, has been thoroughly violated by Russia – yet the two other signatories have not done much but sit idly by. The pathetic sanctions levied so far will never affect Russian behavior.

    If Russia cannot honor the Budapest Memorandum, what guarantee is there that they will honor the overarching Stockholm Accords – what guarantee that Russia will not first launch a tactical nuclear strike? How can any country do business with such a dishonorable nation?

    Russia doesn’t have any honor or respect for its own promises – so why should anyone else have honor or respect for them?

    • swift69

      As a Ukraine supporter, it brings me no joy to douse you with water:

      1. the west, and in particular the USA, has done quite a lot for Ukraine. Just because it doesn’t do everything that you might want doesn’t mean that you should be ungrateful. As it stands, the only thing standing between Ukraine and utter financial ruin are bridge loans from the west. It was neither the US nor the UK that forced Ukrainians to buy SUVs during the heady days a few years ago rather than investing in real future prospects. It wasn’t Yanukovich who created the system of educational bribery that has turned 80% of what otherwise might be a functional university educated workforce into globally uncompetitive “generalists.” It wasn’t Russia that caused Ukraine to embark on a ruinous pattern of social subsidies that skewed demographics and now makes things expensive and people suffer when the country is forced into a global economy.

      2. the budapest memorandum required that the US, UK, and Russia respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The US and UK have clearly done so, while Russia has not. In such, the US and UK are keeping up their part of the bargain. At no point was this advertised as a collective security agreement and neither the US nor the UK are required to offer military assistance to defend Ukraine.

      • griffinalabama

        You support these nazis? Here’s another one threatening death to a captive. This is Oleg Lyashko Azov battalion commander showing new Ukrainian democracy. The US has been so brainwashed they have no idea they are supporting nazi atrocities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpdsOsF2xm0

        • swift69

          oh look, the paid putinbots are here. Looking through your comment history it appears that you even spam completely irrelevant threads (like one about the republicans choosing cleveland for their convention) with your nonsense.

          we get it – you’re a putinist nazi fsck. now move along, blyat.

        • jblvcegda

          Ignore Katsap Propaganda from Moscow! Exterminate everything Russian!

          • griffinalabama

            Spoken like a true nazi!

      • sandy miller

        The memorandum implied that!!! It wasn’t just Yanukovich that created the system it was all of the Russian Puppet presidents and their oligarch that created this system. In particular, most of these presidents came from the east. At this point what will money do for Ukraine if there is no Ukraine? If Nata and US doesnt put boots on the ground Ukraine is lost. Putin will not stop with just Ukraine. No Uk and US are not required to offer military assistance but it would be the moral thing to do.

        • Gospodin B

          It seems to me that history repeats itself. Did not the UK have an agreement to militarily assist Poland, an alliance during WWII? And when Poland was invaded by the Nazis did the English come running to their defense? No! Not until a prime minister with balls did something. I know what Reagan would have done. The population and sovereignty of Ukraine is NOW at stake. Nothing will be done until massive number of people are killed, then something might happen.

      • Reformedviking

        You are correct on item 1.
        If I was a tax auditor I would agree with you on item 2 also, but I am not so I don’t. No-one will in the future give up their atomic arsenal for any kind of written agreement.

    • jblvcegda

      The only business you do with Nazi Russia is to annihiliate them!

      • griffinalabama

        The innocent people of East Ukraine hate the Kiev fascists. They say in this video that the fascists lined soldiers up an shot them….just like the nazis of the past that they came from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWXPio40Elk

        • Iain Colledge

          So where is the mass grave of bodies that this video by one of the DPR leadership alleged were shot?

    • sandy miller

      Dear man….you’re talking to the wind. When has Russia ever been an honorable country. America, Germany and France and the rest of Europe just pretented to be.

      • Alexei Lebedov

        When she supported the US during the Civil War, whilst England did what? Right. Honorable that. She defeated, almost single handedly, the Nazis, Napolean….ended the Mongol regime…..banned Monsanto, kills child molesters…….yep, I live in Moscow, eating clean food, no worries of freaks . You lot, in Ukraine, in Kiev? Unstable

      • Murf

        Or they tried to be. At least they strove for something.

    • Raffaele Menci

      Idiotic sentences.

    • Mark

      The 1994 Budapest Memorandum means dick, in this instance, because Crimea unilaterally declared itself independent through its recognized independent governing authority. There are no precedents in international law for unilateral declarations of independence and they are consequently outside its framework. I didn’t say that – Radek Sikorski did, as Foreign Minister for Poland, when he wrote Poland’s legal opinion for the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo. Which was met with delirious shouts of joy by the international community, because it was a thumb in the eye for Russia and Serbia. Same conditions prevailed: a distinct society, recognized autonomous government and distinct infrastructure such as banks, schools etc… Presence of armed troops was a coercive factor? I don’t think so, but ditto – Kosovo was a NATO protectorate with a permanent garrison of 1,300 soldiers.

      The international community – shorthand for the USA and its NATO toadies – was delighted to welcome an independent Kosovo, based on nothing more than its announcement, “Today I am an independent nation-state”. No referendum (don’t listen to Obama, who is an embarrassment for someone who made Harvard Law Review), nothing. Just a unilateral declaration of independence, which the western democracies immediately pronounced as outside the mandate of treaties and agreements ensconced in international law. Once independent, Crimea petitioned to join the Russian Federation, and was accepted. No “annexation”, and nothing illegal about it.

      But if you are such a tiger for law, have a look through the Ukrainian constitution. Take an especially hard look at Article 17, which says the military shall not be used against the civilian population to suppress an expression of free will. Note also the article which directs that no private military formations shall be raised on Ukrainian territory, and maybe you can call up Benny Kolomoisky and ask him what he thinks he’s doing with his illegal paid mercenary army.

      • Mat

        Except Crimea didn’t unilaterally declare independence, Russia annexed it. The PM was ousted in an armed coup coordinated by Russian special forces to install Aksyonov as the “self proclaimed prime minister” – in Sevastopol, the mayorship was taken over by a Russian citizen (Chaliy).

        In these instances its not Crimea declaring anything, but Russians declaring it. Not the people, not legitimate authorities, just guns and Russians. Annexation.

        • Mark

          You have an interesting memory of events. In fact, Crimea did declare itself unilaterally independent, ahead of the referendum in which a majority voted to petition to join the Russian Federation.


          Don’t like to hear it from RT? Fine; here it is from International Policy Digest:

          “Kosovo had unilaterally declared its independence in 2008. Two years
          later, in 2010, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) stated that
          unilateral declarations of independence were not prohibited under
          international law and as a result, Kosovo had every right to declare its


          This article closes with “At the end of the day, international law receives full compliance from
          the Meek, half-hearted acceptance from the Mediocre, and zero respect
          from the Mighty. For the sake of humanity, let us hope that the people
          of Crimea have chosen wisely, even though the rest of the world is
          nothing more than a mute spectator.”

          International law receives no respect from the mighty. And that is true of none more so than the western democracies, who cavalierly ignore international law which prohibits indiscriminate attack, which prohibits the recruitment, training and use of mercenaries and human-rights law which prohibits the cutting off of water and electricity supplies to the civilian population, and whose national institutions dismiss tens of thousands of refugees fleeing over the Russian border as not supported by evidence.

          • Mat

            Crimea did not (they waited) and the referendum was a sham, and you know it (and so does the world). Even Russia knows it was only 15% who voted to join Russia, and you probably know that too.

            Your RT quote is entirely out of context and doesn’t even insert into this discussion. International law has no jurisdiction in internal, national law.

            The rest of your post is just some rant, I have nothing to respond to. (“blah blah The Wild West, blah”)

      • Reformedviking

        ?? Last time I checked Kosovo is not the 51st state of the USA. Crimea is now part of Russia – sham elections does not bestow legitimacy, except for in Russia it seems. And the sham elections where performed in the presence of a lot of little green men, which Putin bragged about afterwards. There was a genocide going on in Kosovo, which is why so many children born at the time is called Tony, after Tony Blair.

    • Jehepp

      I believe that the other parts are considering the comsequences. Should US intervene, it would be a personal catastrophy for Putin, and Putin would have to do something correspondingly, or worse. Russia can mobilise in no-time in such situation. None of them can lose.

  • nykyromano

    Putin will use all diversionary and ruthless tactics to keep Kiev distracted. These callous and moronic activities are only to feed Putin the biggest egomaniac in the world rather than realities of life in Russia that have been decaying for the past decade. Unfortunately the naive world is not paying enough attention to his political shenanigans and will have to pay the penalty. Emperor Putin will continue this behavior as long as we let him. Ukraine has survived since for more than a thousand years and will continue to live on for another thousand years.

    • jblvcegda


      • IOUC

        are you taking methadone? ha ha ha

      • Alexei Lebedov

        Methadone would actually calm the wingnut above…..hes on MSM, hes on dumbocracy, hims wanna get high as a mofo kite, freedumb baby….

    • IOUC

      United States mounted a coup against the elected government of Ukraine by John Pilger, Britain’s Journalist of the year.

      Article published in “The Guardian” and here: http://johnpilger.com/articles/the-strangelove-effect-or-how-we-are-hoodwinked-into-accepting-a-new-world-war

      John Richard Pilger (born 9 October 1939) is an Australian-British journalist based in London has twice won Britain’s Journalist of the Year Award. His documentaries, screened internationally, have gained awards in Britain and worldwide. The journalist has also received several honorary doctorates.

      The Strangelove effect – or how we are hoodwinked into accepting a new world war

      I watched Dr. Strangelove the other day. I have seen it perhaps a dozen times; it makes sense of sense less news. When Major T.J. ‘King’ Konggoes “toe to toe with the Rooskies” and flies his rogue B52 nuclear bomber to a target in Russia, it’s left to General ‘Buck’Turgidson to reassure the President. Strike first, says the general, and “you got no more than 10 to 20 million killed, tops.”

      President Merkin Muffley: “I will not go down in history as the greatest mass-murderer since Adolf Hitler.”

      General Turgidson: “Perhaps it might be better, Mr. President, if you were more concerned with the American people than with your image in the history books.”

      The genius of Stanley Kubrick’s film is that it accurately represents the cold war’s lunacy and dangers. Most of the characters are based on real people and real maniacs. There is no equivalent to Strangelove today, because popular culture is directed almost entirely at our interior lives, as if identity is the moral zeitgeist and true satire is redundant; yet the dangers are the same. The nuclear clock has remained at five minutes to midnight; the same false flags are hoisted above the same targets by the same “invisible government”, as Edward Bernays, the inventor of public relations, described modern propaganda.

      In 1964, the year Strangelove was made, “the missile gap” was the false flag. In order to build more and bigger nuclear weapons and pursue an undeclared policy of domination, President John Kennedy approved the CIA’s propaganda that the Soviet Union was well ahead of the US in the production of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. This filled front pages as the “Russian threat”. In fact, the Americans were so far ahead in the production of ICBMs, the Russians never approached them. The cold war was based largely on this lie.

      Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US has ringed Russia with military bases, nuclear war planes and missiles as part of its “Nato Enlargement Project”. Reneging a US promise to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990 that Nato would not expand “one inch to the east”, Nato has all but taken over eastern Europe. In the former Soviet Caucuses, Nato’s military build-up is the most extensive since the second world war.

      In February, the United States mounted one of its proxy “colour”coups against the elected government of Ukraine; the shock troops were fascists. For the first time since 1945, a pro-Nazi, openly anti-Semitic party controls key areas of state power in a European capital. No Western European leader has condemned this revival of fascism on the border of Russia. Some 30 million Russians died in the invasion of their country by Hitler’s Nazis, who were supported bythe Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the UPA, responsible for numerous Jewish and Polish massacres. The UPA was the military wing, inspiring today’s Svoboda party.

      Since Washington’s putsch in Kiev – and Moscow’s inevitable response in Russian Crimea, to protect its Black Sea Fleet – the provocation and isolation of Russia have been inverted in the news to the “Russian threat”. This is fossilised propaganda. The US Air Force general who runs Nato forces in Europe – General Breedlove, no less – claimed more than two weeks ago to have pictures showing 40,000 Russian troops “massing” on the border with Ukraine. So did Colin Powell claim to have pictures of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. What is certain is that Obama’s rapacious, reckless coup in Ukraine has ignited a civil war and Vladimir Putin is being lured into a trap.

      Following a 13-year rampage that began in stricken Afghanistan well after Osama bin Laden had fled, then destroyed Iraq beneath a false flag, then invented a “nuclear rogue” in Iran, dispatched Libya to a Hobbesian anarchy and backed jihadists in Syria, the US finally has a new cold war to supplement its world wide campaign of murder and terror by drone.

      A Nato Membership Action Plan or MAP – straight from the war room of Strangelove – is General Breedlove’s gift to the new dictatorship in Ukraine. “Rapid Trident” will put US troops on Ukraine’s Russian border and “Sea Breeze” will put US warships within sight of Russian ports. At the same time, Nato war games through out eastern Europe are designed to intimidate Russia. Imagine the response if this madness was reversed and happened on America’sborders. Cue General ‘Buck’ Turgidson.

      And there is China. On 24 April, President Obama will begin a tour of Asia to promote his “Pivot to China”. The aim is to convince his “allies” in the region, principally Japan, tore-arm and prepare for the eventual possibility of war with China. By 2020, almost two-thirds of all US naval forces in the world will be transferred to the Asia-Pacific area. This is the greatest military concentration in that vast region since the second world war.

      In an arc extending from Australia to Japan, China will face US missilesand nuclear-armed bombers. A strategic naval base is being built onthe Korean island of Jeju less than 400 miles from the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai and the industrial heartland of the only country whose economic power is likely to surpass that of the US. Obama’s “pivot” is designed to undermine China’s influence in its region. It is as if world war has begun by other means.

      This is not a Strangelove fantasy. Obama’s defence secretary, Charles”Chuck” Hagel, was in Beijing last week to deliver a menacing warning that China, like Russia, could face isolation and war if it did not bow to US demands. He compared the annexation of Crimea with China’s complex territorial dispute with Japan overuninhabited islands in the East China Sea. “You cannot go around the world,” said Hagel with a straight face, “and violate the sovereignty of nations by force, coercion or intimidation”. As for America’s massive movement of naval forces and nuclear weaponsto Asia, that is “a sign of the humanitarian assistance the USmilitary can provide”.

      Obama is currently seeking a greater budget for nuclear weapons than the historical peak during the cold war, the era of Strangelove. The United States is pursuing its long standing ambition to dominate the Eurasian landmass, stretching from China to Europe: a “manifest destiny” made right by might.

      This article first appeared in the Guardian, UK


  • Dave Ralph

    The Donbass is a useless territory for Ukraine and it is pure stupidity
    to fight a war to try to keep it. All it does is drag down the rest of
    Ukraine. There is hardly any Ukrainian patriotism in Donetsk and even
    less in Lugansk. Akhmetov is not a Ukrainian patriot, he only thinks
    about protecting his own assets. Poroshenko should withdraw from the
    Donbass and use the army to seal the borders where there is a
    pro-Ukrainian population.

  • griffinalabama

    45 minutes of Kiev nazi atrocities on video including the dumping of corpses and the killing of women and children. The sooner Russia sends troops to protect the innocent people of east Ukraine, the better. I for one stand with the people that voted to secede over violent nazis that came to power through a coup and now go around killing everyone with the US’s blessing. It is pure madness and I hope Europe wakes up to the fact they funded these fascist monsters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlKacrqOmIw

  • griffinalabama

    Here’s what the new Ukrainian army did. A whole family wiped out. This is the democracy they are bringing? They are conducting ethnic cleansing people. Wake up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lVavDFnn-o

  • griffinalabama

    The nazi Ukrainian army are shooting at refugee families as they try to leave in their vehicles. 8 cars destroyed by the US backed nazis.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh6i3ZlpZxY&feature=youtu.be&a

  • griffinalabama

    Even the Guardian UK has woken up to the fact the people are being killed by the Kiev Orcs. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/05/life-in-a-war-zone-ukraine

  • Andrew Chmilewsky

    The Putin Murders
    A Brief History of Putintime


    March 1997

    45-year-old former KGB agent Vladimir Putin is plucked from obscurity out of the St. Petersburg local government apparatus by President Boris Yeltsin and named Deputy Chief of Staff. In June, he defends his PhD dissertation in “strategic planning” at St. Petersburg’s Mining Institute. Later, this document proves to have been plagiarized from a KGB translation of work by U.S. professors published many years earlier (as if nobody would notice, and in fact for quite a while nobody did).

    July 1998

    In a second inexplicable move, Yeltsin names Putin head of the KGB (now called the FSB).

    November 1998

    Less than four months after Putin takes over at the KGB, opposition Duma Deputy Galina Starovoitova, the most prominent pro-democracy Kremlin critic in the nation, is murdered at her apartment building in St. Petersburg. Four months after that, Putin will play a key role in silencing the Russian Attorney General, Yury Skuratov, who was investigating high-level corruption in the Kremlin, by airing an illicit sex video involving Skuratov on national TV. Four months after the dust settles in the Skuratov affair, Putin will be named Prime Minister.

    August 1999

    Completing a hat trick of bizarre spontaneous promotions, proud KGB spy Putin is named by Yeltsin Prime Minister of Russia. Almost immediately, Putin orders a massive bombing campaign against the tiny, defenseless breakaway republic of Chechnya, apparently seeing the reassertion of Russian power there as key to overall resurgence of Russia’s military and state security apparatus, his primary political objective. On August 26th, he’s forced to acknowledge the horrific consequences of the bombing. Hundreds of civilians are killed and tens of thousands are left homeless as civilian targets are attacked. World opinion begins to turn starkly against Russia, especially in Europe, very similarly to the manner in which it has polarized against U.S. President George Bush over Iraq. Putin’s poll numbers in Russia begin to slide.

    September 1999

    An apartment building in the Pechatniki neighborhood of Moscow is blown up by a bomb. 94 are killed. Less than a week later a second bomb destroys a building in Moscow’s Kashirskoye neighborhood, killing 118. Days after that, a massive contingent of Russian soldiers is surrounding Chechnya as public opposition to the war evaporates. On October 1st, Putin declares Chechen president Aslan Maskhadov and his parliament illegitimate. Russian forces invade.
    New Year’s Eve, 1999

    Boris Yeltsin resigns the presidency of Russia, handing the office to Putin in order to allow him to run as an incumbent three months later. Given the pattern of bizarre promotions Putin has previously received, the move is hardly even surprising. So-called “experts” on Russia scoff at the possibility that Putin could be elected, proclaiming that, having tasted freedom, Russia can “never go back” to the dark days of the USSR.

    March 2000

    Despite being the nominee of a man, Yeltsin, who enjoyed single-digit public approval ratings in polls, Vladimir Putin is elected “president” of Russia in a massive landslide (he wins nearly twice as many votes as his nearest competitor). Shortly thereafter, all hell breaks loose in Chechnya. Russia will ultimately be convicted of human rights violations before the European Court for Human Rights and condemned for its abuses of the civilian population by every human rights organization under the sun.

    [Between April 2000 and March 2002, Russia plunges into a nightmarish conflict in Chechnya eerily similar to what America now faces in Iraq. Opposition journalists, especially those who dare to report on what it going on in Chechnya, suddenly start dying. In 2000 alone, reporters Igor Domnikov, Sergey Novikov, Iskandar Khatloni, Sergey Ivanov and Adam Tepsurgayev are murdered — not by hostile fire in Chechnya but in blatant assassinations at home in Russia. On June 16, 2001, at a press conference in Brdo Pri Kranju, Slovenia, President Bush is asked about Putin: “Is this a man that Americans can trust?” Bush replies: “I will answer the question. I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. We had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul; a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country. And I appreciated so very much the frank dialogue.”]

    April 2003

    Sergei Yushenkov, co-chairman of the Liberal Russia political party (pictured, left), is gunned down at the entrance of his Moscow apartment block. Yushenkov had been serving as the vice chair of the group known as the “Kovalev Commission” which was formed to informally investigate charges that Putin’s KGB had planted the Pechatniki and Kashirskoye apartment bombs to whip up support for the Putin’s war in Chechnya after the formal legislative investigation turned out to be impossible. Another member of the Commission, Yuri Shchekochikhin (see below) will perish of poisoning, a third will be severely beaten by thugs, and two other members will lose their seats in the Duma. The Commission’s lawyer, Mikhail Trepashkin (see below) will be jailed after a secret trial on espionage charges. Today, virtually none of the members of the Commission are left whole and it is silent.

    May 2003

    Putin’s popularity in opinion polls slips below 50% after sliding precipitously while the conflict in Chechnya became increasingly bloody. Suddenly, he begins to appear vulnerable, and oil billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky begins to be discussed as one who could unseat him. All hell breaks loose in Russian politics.

    July 2003

    Yuri Shchekochikhin, a vocal opposition journalist and member of the Russian Duma and the Kovalev Commission, suddenly contracts a mysterious illness. Witnesses reported: “He complained about fatigue, and red blotches began to appear on his skin. His internal organs began collapsing one by one. Then he lost almost all his hair.” One of Shchekochikhin’s last newspaper articles before his death was entitled “Are we Russia or KGB of Soviet Union?” In it, he described such issues as the refusal of the FSB to explain to the Russian Parliament what poison gas was applied during the Moscow theater hostage crisis, and work of secret services from the former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan, which operated with impunity in Moscow against Russian citizens of Turkoman origin. According to Wikipedia: “He also tried to investigate the Three Whales Corruption Scandal and criminal activities of FSB officers related to money laundering through the Bank of New York and illegal actions of Yevgeny Adamov, a former Russian Minister of Nuclear Energy. This case was under the personal control of Putin. In June of 2003, Shchekochikhin contacted the FBI and got an American visa to discuss the case with US authorities. However, he never made it to the USA because of his sudden death on July 3rd. The Russian authorities refused to allow an autopsy, but according to Wikipedia his relatives “managed to send a specimen of his skin to London, where a tentative diagnosis was made of poisoning with thallium” (a poison commonly used by the KGB, at first suspected in the Litvinenko killing).

    October 2003

    Assaults on the enemies of the Kremlin reach fever pitch as the election cycle begins. Within one week at the end of the month, two major opposition figures are in prison.

    October 22, 2003

    Mikhail Trepashkin, a former KGB spy and the attorney for the Kovalev Commission, is arrested for illegal possession of a firearm (which he claims was planted in his vehicle). Also retain to represent some of the victims of the apartment bombings themselves, Trepashkin allegedly uncovered a trail of a mysterious suspect whose description had disappeared from the files and learned that the man was one of his former FSB colleagues. He also found a witness who testified that evidence was doctored to lead the investigation away from incriminating the FSB. The weapons charge against Trepashkin mysteriously morphs into a spying charge handled by a closed military proceeding that is condemned by the U.S. government as being a blatant sham, and Trepashkin is sent to prison for four years. Publius Pundit reported on Trepashkin’s plight back in early December of last year.

    October 25, 2003

    Just as the presidential election cycle is beginning, Khodorkovsky is arrested at the airport in Novosibirsk. He will be tried and convicted for tax fraud and sent to Siberia, just like in the bad old days of the USSR, in a show trial all international observers condemn as rigged (his lawyer has documented the legal violations in a 75-page treatise). He is there today, now facing a second prosecution for the same offense. His company, YUKOS, is being slowly gobbled up by the Kremlin.

    March 2004

    With Khodorkovsky conveniently in prison and the Kovalev Commission conveniently muzzled, Vladimir Putin is re-elected “president” of Russia, again in a landslide despite his poll numbers. He faces no serious competition from any opposition candidate. He does not participate in any debates. He wins a ghastly, Soviet-like 70% of the vote. Immediately, talk begins of a neo-Soviet state, with Putin assuming the powers of a dictator. The most public and powerful enemies of the regime start dropping like flies.

    June 2004

    Nikolai Girenko, a prominent human rights defender, Professor of Ethnology and expert on racism and discrimination in the Russian Federation is shot dead in his home in St Petersburg. Girenko’s work has been crucial in ensuring that racially motivated assaults are classified as hate crimes, rather than mere hooliganism, and therefore warrant harsher sentences — as well as appearing as black marks on Russia’s public record.

    July 2004

    Paul Klebnikov, editor of the Russian edition Forbes magazine, is shot and killed in Moscow. Forbes has reported that at the time of his death, Paul was believed to have been investigating a complex web of money laundering involving a Chechen reconstruction fund, reaching into the centers of power in the Kremlin and involving elements of organized crime and the FSB (the former KGB).

    September 2004

    Viktor Yushchenko, anti-Russian candidate for the presidency of the Ukraine, is poisoned by Dioxin. Yushchenko’s chief of staff Oleg Ribachuk suggests that the poison used was a mycotoxin called T-2, also known as “Yellow Rain,” a Soviet-era substance which was reputedly used in Afghanistan as a chemical weapon. Miraculously, he survives the attack.

    [Throughout the next year, a full frontal assault on the media is launched by the Kremlin. Reporters Without Borders states: “Working conditions for journalists continued to worsen alarmingly in 2005, with violence the most serious threat to press freedom. The independent press is shrinking because of crippling fines and politically-inspired distribution of government advertising. The authorities’ refusal to accredit foreign journalists showed the government’s intent to gain total control of news, especially about the war in Chechnya.”]

    September 2006

    Andrei Kozlov, First Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Central Bank, who strove to stamp out money laundering (basically acting on analyses like that of reporter Klebnikov), the highest-ranking reformer in Russia, is shot and killed in Moscow. Many media reports classify Kozlov’s killing as “an impudent challenge to all Russian authorities” and warn that “failure to apprehend the killers would send a signal to others that intimidation of government officials is once again an option.” Less considered is the possibility that Kozlov, like Klebnikov, was on the trail of corruption that would have led into the Kremlin itself, which then lashed out at him preemptively assuming he could not be bought.

    October 2006

    Anna Politkovskaya author of countless books and articles exposing Russian human rights violations in Chechnya and attacking Vladimir Putin as a dictator, is shot and killed at her home in Moscow. In her book Putin’s Russia, Politkovskaya had written: “I have wondered a great deal why I have so got it in for Putin. What is it that makes me dislike him so much as to feel moved to write a book about him? I am not one of his political opponents or rivals, just a woman living in Russia. Quite simply, I am a 45-year-old Muscovite who observed the Soviet Union at its most disgraceful in the 1970s and ’80s. I really don’t want to find myself back there again.” Analysts begin to talk openly of Kremlin complicity in the ongoing string of attacks. Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum writes: “Local businessmen had no motivation to kill her — but officials of the army, the police and even the Kremlin did. Whereas local thieves might have tried to cover their tracks, Politkovskaya’s assassin, like so many Russian assassins, did not seem to fear the law. There are jitters already: A few hours after news of Politkovskaya’s death became public, a worried friend sent me a link to an eerie Russian Web site that displays photographs of ‘enemies of the people’ — all Russian journalists and human rights activists, some quite well known. Above the pictures is each person’s birth date and a blank space where, it is implied, the dates of their deaths will soon be marked. That sort of thing will make many, and probably most, Russians think twice before criticizing the Kremlin about anything.”

    November 2006

    Alexander Litvinenko, KGB defector and author of the book Blowing up Russia, which accuses the Kremlin of masterminding the and Pechatniki and Kashirskoye bombings in order to blame Chechen terrorists and whip up support for an invasion of Chechnya (which shortly followed), is fatally poisoned by radioactive Polonium obtained from Russian sources. Litivinenko had given sensational testimony to the Kovalev Commission and warned Sergei Yushenkov that was a KGB target). In his last days Litvinenko himself, as well as other KGB defectors, including Oleg Kalugin, Yuri Shvets and Mikhail Trepashkin (who allegedly actually warned Litvinenko that he had been targeted before the hit took place) directly blamed the Kremlin for ordering the poisoning. Recent press reports indicate that British investigators have come to the same conclusion. With Litvinenko out of the picture, the only member of the Kovalev Commission left unscathed is its 77-year-old namesake chairman, dissident Sergei Kovalev — who has grown notably silent.

    March 2007

    On Sunday February 25th, the American TV news magazine Dateline NBC aired a report on the killing of Litvinenko. MSNBC also carried a report. The reports confirmed that British authorities believe Litvinenko perished in a “state-sponsored” assasination. In the opening of the broadcast, Dateline highlighted the analysis of a senior British reporter and a senior American expert on Russia who knew Litvinennko well. Here’s an excerpt from the MSNBC report:

    Daniel McGrory, a senior correspondent for The Times of London, has reported many of the developments in the Litvinenko investigation. He said the police were stuck between a rock and a hard place. “While they claim, and the prime minister, Tony Blair, has claimed nothing will be allowed to get in the way of the police investigation, the reality is the police are perfectly aware of the diplomatic fallout of this story,” McGrory said. “Let’s be frank about this: The United States needs a good relationship with Russia, and so does Europe,” said Paul M. Joyal, a friend of Litvinenko’s with deep ties as a consultant in Russia and the former Soviet states. Noting that Russia controls a significant segment of the world gas market, Joyal said: “This is a very important country. But how can you have an important relationship with a country that could be involved in activities such as this? It’s a great dilemma.”

    Five days before the broadcast aired, shortly after he was interviewed for it, McGrory was dead. His obituary reads “found dead at his home on February 20, 2007, aged 54.” Five days after the broadcast aired, Joyal (pictured, right) was lying in a hospital bed after having been shot for no apparent reason, ostensibly the victim of a crazed random street crime. He was returning home after having dinner with KGB defector Oleg Kalugin, and had been an aggressive advocate for Georgian independence from Russian influence. The attack remains unsolved.

    CONCLUSION: Did the Kremlin have anything to do with either Joyal’s or McGrory’s fates, or is it just coincidence that both were struck down within days of giving statements directly blaming the Kremlin for Litvinenko’s killing to the American press? Would the Kremlin really be so brazen as to attack an American for speaking in America? Whether it did not not is almost beside the point: the thing you can’t see is always scarier than the thing you can. The Kremlin is now positioned to turn random accidents into weapons. Appelbaum sums it up: “As Russian (and Eastern European) history well demonstrates, it isn’t always necessary to kill millions of people to frighten all the others: A few choice assassinations, in the right time and place, usually suffice. Since the arrest of oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2003, no other Russian oligarchs have attempted even to sound politically independent. After the assassination of Politkovskaya on Saturday, it’s hard to imagine many Russian journalists following in her footsteps to Grozny either.”

    January 2009
    On January 19, 2009, Russian human rights attorney Stanslav Markelov was shot in the back of the head with a silenced pistol as he left a press conference at which he announced his intention to sue the Russian government for its early release of the Col. Yuri Budanov, who murdered his 18-year-old client in Chechnya five years earlier. Also shot and killed was Anastasia Barburova, a young journalism student who was working for Novaya Gazeta and who had studied under Anna Politkovskaya, reporting on the Budanov proceedings.

    July 2009

    On July 14, 2009, leading Russian human rights journalist and activist Natalia Estemirova , a single mother of a teenaged daughter, was abducted in front of her home in Grozny, Chechnya, spirited across the border into Ingushetia, shot and dumped in a roadside gutter. Viewed as the successor to Anna Politkovskaya and by far the most prominent living critic of Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, who had repeatedly threatened her life, Estemirova was a member of the “Memorial” human rights NGO and a steadfast defender of human rights in Chechnya. Most recently, she had been reporting on the barbaric practice of the government in burning down the homes of rebel activists, often with women and children locked inside

    • Alexei Lebedov


    • Murf

      Thank you Andrew for that every informative post. Some I was aware of some it but not the extent of the evil little mans dealings.

      I want to start a betting pool on how many Russian trolls call it all lies
      Any takers?

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  • Raffaele Menci

    The usual bla bla bla by this clown

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  • knave27

    What a lying piece of shit. No matter how many times you bullshit Ukie subhumnans about imminent “Russian Invasion” they will believe it because they’re primitive brutes.

  • garyoptica

    Putin cant invade UA as gas station Russia with a smaller economy than California will get its economic arms and legs removed which is our main objective with the help of Putin to run a fools errand for western super economies if he hopefully springs the trap that is baited.

  • jmundstuk

    I think you guys should consider moderating these threads. The comments here are not very helpful or interesting.

    • Mat

      It’s a process, IP bans happen a plenty.

  • Rose Flamand

    It’s at least the 4th time a “Russian invasion” was announced – and I am not counting daily statements when separatist rebels were described as russians.
    12 times or more, Kiev announced that “1000 terrorists are killed”. According to estimations, the total number of rebels goes from 10,000 to 15,000, so I suppose they are wiped by now.
    Rebels were claimed to sent the rockets to Russia, killing 1 person. They were also supposed killing themselves in Odessa, bombing their own homes in Slavyansk, destroying the water and electricity supplies in the cities they held, etc…
    Guys, you have to know that “government lies” only work the first time, so you better use them wisely. Nobody believes US administration when it claims that a regime has “WMD”, and nobody believes Kiev anymore either.

    • Mat

      I think it goes without saying to ignore all death figures from either side unless independently verified (like all those bodies sent back to Chechnya)

    • Brent

      The invasion has already happened, but some like yourself keep apologizing for Russia and Putin’s aggression against its peaceful neighbor. None of this conflict would have happened without Russia first invading Crimea, or creating the unrest in Donbass. They tried this same tactic in other oblasts in Ukraine too, but failed. Their dream of Novorossiya has failed miserably because nothing more than a small minority of the ‘Russian speakers’ they pretend they want to protect even want to live under Putin’s tyrrany.

      You criticize Kiev for its statements. Where is your criticism for Russia’s propaganda?
      >crucifiction of 3 year old in Slovyansk>>>false account broadcast by Russia1
      >use of white phosphorous>>>footage was from Iraq
      >killing of citizen near Slovyansk>>>footage was from Chechnya
      >all the fearmongering of ‘banderites’, ‘fascists’ and ‘Right Sektor’ when more brutal extremism practiced by Russian’s thugs sent into Donbass


  • Guest

    Good, todays “Ukraine” is a Frankenstein creation, part Nazi, part neoliberal, part sycophant, all bullshit, all lies, pity, shame and feces smashed together and voila! Ukraine. May Russia exact revenge for Poroshenkos warcrimes.

  • leofoss

    It appears that Russia is worried about what happens to the rebel leadership if Ukraine wins this conflict. It is quite possible that some of them will confess about the involvement of the Russian military in this conflict, an eventuality that Russia would very much like to avoid. It certainly would not want incontrovertible evidence to come out that it was directly involved.
    The only way to prevent that is to shield the leaders from capture until an arrangement can be negotiated to bring them to Russia for protection.
    So it is quite plausible that Russia will send in “peacekeepers” to protect them. Russia will always act in its own best interest, not the rebels’. It may have done the calculation that economic retaliation from the EU and the US would damage Russia less than that caused by allowing the leadership to be captured. They would be willing to allow those rebels involved in this conflict to resettle in Russia as part of a negotiation, and probably have calculated that most EU countries would agree with this as a “peaceful” way to end the conflict.

    The rebels are not now holding on to enough Ukrainian territory to make either independence or assimilation with Russia worth the effort.

  • Jacks Channel

    I always say this, and I’m going to say it again. If the “facists” that Putin says exist, do not exist, (the whole World knows they do not exist after months of checking the facts), why are the seperatists and Putin fighting when Russian speakers are in no danger whatsoever? What is this all based on anyway? I don’t know. Putin and the seperatists have to be held accountable for all of the meaningless deaths on both sides.

    • Barry Smart

      Give me a break!. They look like fascists. They talk like fascists, they kill and act like fascists and they fight under fascist insignia. Don’t piss on my leg and try to tell me it’s raining.

  • Kruton

    Time to give the Russkis a surprise!

  • Cristian Muñoz

    Time for Ukraine to call reservists and prepare them for something big related Fascist Russia.

  • Roger Iversen

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  • Jeff Murphy

    so any proof of ANY of this stuff? i mean until i see some actual evidence its a bunch of Nazi’s claiming its all russias fault that they are bombing their own country men.

    western ukraine seems to have just lumped any ethnic russians in as terrorists etc. the East elected the guy the westerners chased out. the change of power was at the barrel of a gun.

    now suddenly everyone who didn’t support an armed overthrow are the terrorists? the last legitimate leader of ukraine is hiding out in russia due to threats against his life and his family.

    they claim he ordered police to shoot protestors and i still havent seen a single shred of evidence backing that up, if anything the evidence it was the right sector that shot both police and protestors stacked up pretty high.

    its quite clear a unified ukraine is never going to happen again, the East is never going to trust the politicians who murdered their neighbors so this feud will only end when ukraine gets split east/west, they have engineered it this way.

    the west is now going to bomb and kill as many towns in the east as they can to try to make an eastern ukraine separation as hard on the people as it possibly can be.

    • Mat

      “western ukraine seems to have just lumped any ethnic russians in as terrorists etc. the East elected the guy the westerners chased out. the change of power was at the barrel of a gun.”

      This statement couldn’t make any less sense if you tried.

    • Murf

      Considering the Rebels only control about 30% of Donetsk nd Luhansk I would say unification is going to happen. If I came to your country and demanded the part I live in join my old home you would have some very specific things to say about it.
      If You didn’t then you didn’t deserve the land to begin with and deserve to loose it.
      Right/wrong or other wise you are only untitled to what you are willing to fight for.

  • Надежда Быстрова

    propaganda nazi

  • carlloeber

    Despicable cowardice of president Obama and Western politicians. ..