SELEZNEV: Spy drone #2 brought down; and Russian APC’s crossing into Donetsk.



2014/07/13 • News, War in the Donbas

On Friday, the personal composition of one of the units in the ATO [anti-terrorism operation] brought down an unmanned aerial vehicle. The aircraft was monitoring the positions of ATO forces, including in the region of Zelenopilya.

This aircraft, Orlan-10, is produced in Russia.

Source: Vladislav Seleznev FB

Spy Drone #1: VICE News

Russian border guard Artem Karat reportedly took this photograph and tweeted it of a Russian armored personnel carrier (APC) passing through a Russian border checkpoint into Donetsk, Ukraine peaceably.

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By Vladislav Seleznev, ATO Spokesperson
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

  • sandy miller

    And what’s the EU,NATO and US doing about this Russian invasion?

    • christopher witt diamant

      Nothing….it’ a disgrace…everyone knows Russia is sending in more and more troops to prop up the dwindling separatists…many of whom have deserted…many others held “under the gun” of Igor Strelkov….fight or die….a merciless killer , Putin’s handpicked “operative” commander…bad news…..Glory to Ukraine…

    • Fred Hernandez

      The EU led by Germany is more interested in their business with the Russians. All talk and more meaningless names added to the sanctions list.

    • Murf

      If Obama was had any intestinal fortitude he would echo the words of Nuland; “Fuk Europe!” They don’t have any bal*s. He should be leading is business. not just sending some battle field happy meals.
      All he is worried about is risk. He never saw the opportunity in Ukraine. He had his “Ich Iam a Berliner!” moment and let it pass.