Ukrainian diplomat disappointed with EU’s decision on sanctions



2014/07/11 • News

Ukraine’s Representative to the European Union Konstantyn Yeliseyev admits he is very disappointed with EU’s decision regarding sanctions against Russia, reports Eupravda (part of Ukrainska Pravda), citing UNIAN, Thursday, July 10.

This is how the diplomat commented on the July 9 decision by the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the EU (COREPER) to expand the number of sanctioned individuals to 11.

“In light of the conclusions of the European Council of June 27, as well as the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU,  we were counting on more decisive and significant sanctions, including a move to the third level,” Yeliseyev said, referring to his appeal to the leadership of EU to apply tougher sanctions against Moscow in connection with the situation of the POW Nadia Savchenko.

“Despite Russia’s growing aggression against Ukraine, along with ample evidence of Moscow’s direct intervention and coordination of terrorists, today’s limited measures consist only of an expanded list of sanctioned separatists,” he said.

According to Yeliseyev, this so-called “progress” in the context of restraining the aggressor is an imitation of action or simply process for the sake of process.”

He also says he has the impression that certain member countries of the EU are “playing a double game.”

“Otherwise, I find it hard to explain how, for example, the foreign minister of one country, immediately after visiting Kyiv, could go to Moscow and invite the Kremlin leadership to participate in the ASEM Summit (Asia-Europe) on October 16-17, or how representatives of two influential countries not only could resist implementing third level sanctions, but then strongly pressure Ukraine to negotiate with terrorists, who refuse to lay down their arms, who criminally abduct Ukrainian citizens, and who continue to hold hostages,” he said.

However, Yeliseyev said he is still hoping that, at the European Council meeting of July 16, the EU will “abandon its wait and see attitude and display some integrity.”

“This is not hard to do: they simply need to analyze Moscow’s level of compliance with the Council’s requirements of June 27. The absence of progress here is obvious. For more than 10 years, the EU has been telling Ukraine that democratic values are more important than economic or trade advantages.  On July 22, we will receive another batch of this instruction as part of the ministerial meeting of 28 EU countries and 6 countries of the “Eastern Partnership.” Today the EU has the opportunity to demonstrate in practice its commitment to these values,” Yeliseyev concluded.

Translated by Anna Mostovych

Source: Eupravda



  • sandy miller

    As I’ve said before the EU are a bunch of greedy, cowards that are throwing Ukraine under the bus. Basically, they’ve already given Putin eastern Ukraine. It’s Ukraine’s history to be sold down the river by Europe. Nothing new. Ukraine you’re on you own. Putin knew this and so he’s been slowly killing Ukraine. I’ve known this from the very beginning. However, as far as German and Franch and Britian products are concerned. I will boycott them. May b them anEvery person oUkraine make sure Putin never has peace fhonor should do the same.d tell the rest of the world to do the same.

  • sandy miller

    Ukraine get rid of all your oligarchs they’ve sold you down the tubes. Stand alone. You can.

    • Donald Casavant

      Sandy, That is not a correct statement. I live in the Ukraine and not ALL of the oligarchs have “sold the country down the tubes.” Kolomoysky, the oligarch that is in charge of the Dnepropetrovsk region has used a lot of his own money to keep that region free from the Russian Terrorists. Ahmetov the oligarch that basically owns the Donbas region, (worth more than all the other oligarchs put together) is one that has “sold the country down the river”. Yes there are some, but not all! Poroshenko is also an oligarch, but he put everything, including his life on the line by supporting the Maidan protest from the first day. To say that ALL oligarchs have “sold the country down the tubes” is not correct.

      • sandy miller

        Sorry you are right. I should not have included Kolomoysky….I’m not sure about Poroshenko. I wonder if he’s stong enough to do the job. I like Arseniy Yatsenyiuk and now he’s resigned. That’s a terrible move for Ukraine. Terrible!

        • Donald Casavant

          I agree with you that Yats is the best politician in Ukraine, however he is a little on the naïve side. What happened in the Rada (Ukrainian parliament) the past two days is strictly politics.
          All is not what it appears to be. These same tactics are used in every democratic government in the world! It is a long and complicated reason why Poroshenko did what he did. I’ll
          try to make this as short as possible!

          1st The Ukrainian people tend to vote for a populist candidate. This type of candidate always promises that he/she will raise the pensions, lower the cost of gas and electricity, etc, this is one of the main reasons that Yanukovych came into power. In every Presidential election since Ukraine won their independence from the USSR the country has voted for a populist candidate! What the Ukrainian people are currently paying for gas is less than half the cost of what government pays for it! It is the same with the pensions. Most of the current pensioners in Ukraine never paid a cent into the pension system! To keep getting bail-out money from the EU and IMF the Ukrainian government MUST raise the cost of gas and electricity that the people must pay. They must also lower and freeze the pensions. In a country that has always voted for populists’ candidate for President and Rada this is suicide!

          2nd When Yanukovych came into power so did his political party, the “Party of Regions.” They had, and still have a large majority in the Rada, even though most people have left that political party, the actual people are still in the Rada as independent members. They, along with the members of the Communist Party have been blocking votes on important legislation or legislation that they are told to vote against by someone, I think it is still Yanukovych, but I have no proof. The current Rada does not represent the people of Ukraine! This is
          the main reason that Poroshenko is demanding new elections for the Rada.

          To get a new election for the Rada the current government
          headed by Yats must be dismissed! This is what has happened! After the election the new Rada can vote on all these very, very unpopular items and then they will hope that after the Ukrainian people can see it was necessary, then they may stay in the Rada. If they voted for all these very unpopular pieces of legislation before the new Rada is elected (I doubt they would have enough of a majority to pass the legislation) the people
          would revolt and vote in the populist again and Ukraine would cease as a country.

          I think that Poroshenko did what was necessary to save the country. Yats will be back!!!!