Survey reveals dismal support for separatism in the Donbas



2014/07/11 • News

The popular Donetsk online publication Ostrov has released data of its own survey, which indicates that  the majority of respondents (representative of Ostrov users) want to remain in Ukraine and only a tiny minority support the separatists, reports UNIAN, July 11.  According to the survey, 75%  of the respondents see their future with Ukraine; 15% would like to live in the West; 4% are ready to move to Russia, and only 3% see their future with the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic or the Luhansk People’s Republic.

According to analysts, the important point is that more than 7500 users of the online publication (currently more than 11,000 — Ed.) have taken part in the survey — a much larger number than the usual selection in representative nationwide public opinion surveys.

Commenting on the results, political scientist Kost Bondarenko, director of the Ukrainian Politics Foundation, notes that “results of these kinds of public opinion polls capture a very important population — people who are intelligent, thoughtful, and who are trying to keep up with the times.”

According to Bondarenko, “these are people who appreciably influence public opinion and set the tone of public life. And it is significant that this part of society is categorically opposed to separatism, considering it a risk and a dead-end for regional development,” he says.” The 75% figure of those who see their future with Ukraine is more than significant, as is the 3% supporting separatism. This demonstrates that separatism, as a political phenomenon, has fallen below the conventional threshold. Separatists, despite all attempts to increase their military-technical presence in the region, have failed to achieve the most essential thing — they have not been able to win over people who influence opinions and set the development strategy for the region,” Bondarenko says.

However, Bondarenko thinks that people may question the representative nature of this kind of survey.

“At at time when it is virtually impossible (because of the fighting and unstable conditions) to conduct a series of field surveys in the Donbas, similar internet-based surveys do not provide absolute results, but they indicate the dynamics,” he explains. “With a 75% result, it is meaningless to argue about the degree of survey error — we are dealing with trends, with attitudes. The fact that a significant majority of the population lives in urban areas suggests a high level of internet access and, accordingly, a high degree of reliability of such surveys. To speak about real and undeniable attitudes will be possible only after the Donbas returns to normal life and the population is able to participate in elections,” the analyst concludes.

Translated by Anna Mostovych

Source: UNIAN


  • garyoptica

    ..Russia has manipulated state television since the first peasant owned a TV and just like every other media format from the days when the first known terrorist read books on the French revolution that idealised class warfare right up the the Internet their has been hardly any let up in using them all as propaganda tools to control the minds of the masses.The only time an independent TV channel surfaced came at a very embarrassing time for the very worried corrupt core of terrorists that previously ran Russia, the KGB and its cronies and with Yeltsin ushering in possibly a new age of liberal democracy the new soviet cadet of organised crime Vladmir Putin struggled to create terrorist attacks upon his own people for false flag purposes when trails started to appear back to his offices in Moscow and as the programme went on air Putin wasted no time launching an horrific war upon Chechen cities to create a quick smoke screen for his own propelled atrocities that he arranged at home using vast quantities of military grade explosives called hexogen and TNT, callously stuffed into sacks and placed in basements of Moscow apartment blocks some of which were rented out at the time by FSB agents, such was the audacity and sheer negligence of the typical soviet terrorists that make up the vast network of Russia’s corrupt system of rule that had enjoyed hassle free use of any form of terror to place upon the citizens of Russia to remain in power..

    Putin closed down the only independent TV channel after it had aired a programme with hundreds of accounts of witness information and evidence that proved Putin and his FSB had been involved in terrorist attacks in Russia that accounted for hundreds of lives. Since then Putin has opened his own TV channel called RT specifically to create false accounting and his main objective is to make the US look guilty of crimes and now the Ukraine people. Putin has murdered and threatened people from the show and banned it, also he has murdered two duma members that wanted an enquiry into the allegations and information and a third duma member has been jailed. He is a very wicked person and a danger to the world and he must be stopped.

  • Warren Eckels

    Question: is the readership of Ostrov representative of the population in Donbas? What little of the paper I can read suggests that it is pro-unity and pro-Ukraine. It’s great that such a site operates in Donbas and has a readership in Donbas, but I really hope that the ATO does not assume that DNR supporters are in such a minority.

    Sorry to be the devil’s advocate, but my nation got burned badly in Iraq when we were assured that Americans would be welcomed in Iraq with flowers and sweets, instead of the RPGs and suicide bombers our forces faced after a few months. Hopefully the ATO will not fall into such a trap.

  • sandy miller

    I don’t understand how western european countries can have anything to do with Putin and his regime. They are as evil as I’ve seen in my lifetime.