Ukraine Recaptures Sloviansk: Russian Roulette

2014/07/09 • War in the Donbas

On July 5, the eastern Ukrainian town of Sloviansk was recaptured by the Ukrainian military, driving out pro-Russia rebels and ending their three-month occupation. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky travels back to Sloviansk and visits the cell in which he was held for days by those rebels in April. The city is in shambles and residents are struggling to find food and water despite a considerable humanitarian effort. The pro-Russia rebels have retreated to Donetsk, but the Ukrainian government is determined to pursue its anti-terror operation until there are no rebels left.

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  • sandy miller

    Kill Streklov. Tell Putin if he doesn’t get his mercenaires out. Ukraine will start sending mercenairies into Russia so they can get some of their own medicine. Outrageous that people in Ukraine should be experiencing this insanity for Putin’s hubris.