A poem for Hope

Nadiya Savchenko


2014/07/09 • Culture

Famous Ukrainian poet Oleksandr Irvanets dedicated a poem to the heroic Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko.

Nadiya was a volunteer in Ukrainian volunteer battalion “Aydar”. She was captured by the separatists and has now been illegally taken to Russia. In this poem Oleksandr admires the heroism of a brave woman.  Her name, Nadiya means hope in Ukrainian.

I bite my lip from helplessness,
It simply doesn’t make sense.
How enemies captured our Hope,
And left us all in suspense. 

She is proud and beautiful,
Looking down on them.
And you feel angry from helplessness, 
Because you are still a man.

You can freeze and starve,
Barely living in broken cities,
But we can’t give up our Hope,
Not without a fight that is.

Poem translated by Isabelle Abbott.


  • sandy miller