Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko is being held in Russian prison



2014/07/08 • War in the Donbas

The well-known Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko, who went as a volunteer to fight the terrorists in the ATO zone, is in prison in Russia’s Voronezh Oblast, [near the Ukrainian border] according to TSN.

Pilot Savchenko, who became renowned after the publication of the video of her being interrogated by terrorists, disappeared nearly a week ago, and there had been no information on her whereabouts. Journalists were able to establish that she is currently in prison in Russia’s Voronezh.

She is being held as a suspect in the murder of a Russian journalist. There, tomorrow, will be held the first hearing, her Nadia’s sister told TSN. The Russian lawyer of the brave Savchenko said that the allegations against her have not been filed, and said that Nadia is feeling well and the conditions of detention are satisfactory. As previously reported, the Ministry of Defence admitted that negotiations for the release of the Ukrainian brave pilot broke down.


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  • Donald Casavant

    Everything possible must be done to save this gallant Ukrainian Aviator!

  • Arctic_Slicer

    So Russia is holding her for “killing Russian national”; how is that possible when she was in Ukraine and according to Russia there are no Russian nationals fighting in Ukraine? Is Russia finally going to admit that these separatist fighters that Savchenko and others are fighting against Russian citizens?

  • Murf

    So now the Russians are taking hostages now.
    A soldier in a combat zone. she should be held as a POW. What’s more they would have to prove SHE shot him knowing he was a non combatant, or gave the order. Not that they ever let the Laws of Land Warfare ever get in their way.