Russian nationalist group connected to Strelkov, says “Ukraine is not a state”



2014/07/08 • Political News

The Izborsky Club, a group of intellectuals and writers put together by Aleksandr Prokhanov to promote Russian nationalist and traditionalist views, clearly has had a major influence on Vladimir Putin’s thinking and policies, including his annexation of Crimea and support for the idea of “a Russian world.”

Vitaly Averyanov, the director of the Moscow Institute of Dynamic Conservatism and a co-founder of the Izborsky Club, spoke to a “Svobodnaya pressa” interviewer at the end of last week when asked about the influence of group.

Asked about the widely-rumored links between the Izborsky Club and the actions of pro-Russian groups in eastern Ukraine, Averyanov said that “of course the Izborsky Club is not the author of the scenario of the rising in the Donbas. But a connection exists, a deep connection,” and Igor Strelkov is “a man of our direction.”

With regard to Ukraine, he said that “Ukraine is not a state: it is a buffer formation.” It is the product of the weakening of the Russian nation. And it is not a separate nation either – although he said one can create the simulacrum of a nation. “Give me the money and staff, and after 15 years, I will form a nation of Siberians which I can control,” Averyanov added.

The division of Ukraine is not an ethnic one but “a mental or civilizational one,” the specific “front” of the clash of civilizations in which the West is seeking to extend its sway over Russia. If the West wins in Ukraine, he argued, there is “a great probability” that it will extend this clash into Russia itself.

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  • Walter Salmaniw

    This is exactly the type of mentality that infuriates Ukrainians. What hogwash. How can anyone have normal relations with people of this mindset? I simply don’t think you can.

    • Sytnyk Andrij

      He just don’t understand. He is an moron. An Idiot. So how many Money you Need to pay that normal people are doing an maidan? In front of Berkut and Rain/Snow?

      Just mad alcoholics are doing this..

      So that’s the Problem. THEY don’t understand the concept of freedom. THAT is exactly the difference.

      Just look at the Pictures of Illja Repin.

      Slava Ukraini – Andrij

  • Martin Nunn

    The poor deluded fool… there are 45 million Ukrainians and the vast majority of the international community who would disagree with this naive form of thinking. Russia can’t even manage Russia successfully so why should the people of other nations aspire to lower their standards to that of Russia. Sadly Prokhonov is a product of the Russian propaganda machine coupled with a massive inferiority complex.

  • Vlad Pufagtinenko

    Vitaly Averyanov should calm down on the steroids. It might shrink some parts of the anatomy that don’t need shrinking. Of course that is probably just the normal state of this part of the Russian male anatomy. That must be why they are so aggressive.

    • UkrainianPolicy

      Averyanov is on the left in that pic.

      • Vlad Pufagtinenko

        Well then he definitely should stop with the steroids. thanks for the correction

  • Vince Scopa

    I hope this useful idiot is correct. that the west will extend the clash into russia. the russian people deserve to have liberty and not live in fear of their government.

    • Jim King

      Most Russians like their gov’t and certainly don’t want a liberal western one.
      Most of us have other issues..we fear taxes and welfare lol

  • evanlarkspur

    There is only one response to such arrogance; utter isolation by the civilized world, from the civilized world. The uncivilized do not get to profit by sitting at our table while poisoning every dish and setting all the guests at each others throats. Go away. Utterly.

  • Murf

    Behold the face of Ukraine’s real enemy. People like him inspire others to commit crimes for them. I can’t see that wiener storming a police station.
    When this current battle is over the Ukrainians will need to remain ever vigilant. Having failed at the direct approach Putin will come at them in a less direct way.

  • Jim King

    Why not? USA when it breaks international law sits at the table.

  • sandy miller

    I’m so sick of these either lying or deluded jerks. Yes, Ukraine is and always has been a nation. For centuries Russia has done everything in its power to stop it from being an independent nation but Ukrainians all around the world will fight you. All of my ancestors go back hundreds of years in Eastern and Southern Ukraine and they’ve always called themselves Ukrainians. You call these people intellectuals? They’re the worsramou