Terrorists in Luhansk seize perinatal center, kick pregnant women into basement



2014/07/07 • War in the Donbas

On July 7 terrorists seized a perininatal center of the Luhansk Oblast clinical hospital and placed the pregnant women into the basement. It is possible that the militants will set up sniper positions in the building. A representative of the civic organization “Civic initiative ‘Right deed'” Dmytro Sniehyriov told a UNIAN correspondent this, referring to members of his organization, whichs are witnesses to events. Read story here

From his words, the perinatal center of the Luhansk clinical hospital is a high-rise building and has convenient positions for the terrorists, who intend to situate their sniper positions here to shoot at the airport. Also Sniehyriov informed that “all the pregnant women in the perinatal center were moved to the basement of the clinic.”

unian.net, translated by Alya Shandra

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  • Mykola Banderachuk

    continuing ruSSian terrorism, these vermin must really hate women

  • sandy miller

    OMG…someone has to talk to them now…not one hair on those womens heads should be hurt. Tell them to let the women go and they can stay in the building.

    • linda Tsibulsky

      it doesn’t do any good to talk to paid thugs and hit men, hired killers. They could care less who they have in the basement of that building

  • Milton Devonair

    Human shields, rape, looting, kidnapping, murder, extortion, etc.

    This is russia, these are russians, it’s who they are, it’s what they do.
    They want to turn Ukraine into Chechnya.

  • Dr. Stanley Wesolowsky Ph.D.


  • garyoptica

    This act aside from its very familiar use of terror that are the de facto operational objectives of the insurgents that do not have the logistical capability to wage a protracted battle with the ATO nor the stomach for a fair fight, reveals the utter weakness of the terrorists position as they simply do not have the numbers to hold the entire city thus are already looking to embed them selves in to cellular barricaded or naturally fortified positions.The city needs to be invaded quickly at its weakest point and thus many areas can be easily liberated creating positive reporting.By pinning the groups down and dividing then they cannot mount counter attacks nor regroup or create supply chains.Defeat of the terrorists will then become rapid,

  • Arctic_Slicer

    How pathetically cowardly do they have to be to hide behind pregnant women in a perinatal center?

  • Kruton

    I have a great idea lets have peace talks with these charming people.