Crimea today: to snitch or not to snitch?

Crimea leaflets


2014/07/05 • Crimea

These fliers have started to appear in Simferopil lately, mostly in elevators.  Our Crimean activists have confirmed that not only have they seen these leaflets, but there is a noticeable increase in FSB (Russian Federal Security Bureau) detention and questioning of local activists.  They also called the number on the flier and it is indeed the main switchboard number of the Crimean FSB office.

To quote the famous Russian journalist and writer, Sergei Dovlatov: “We endlessly curse comrade Stalin, and, of course, with good reason.  And yet, I want to ask, who wrote four million denunciations?”


See translation below:

Citizens of Russia!!!
Even though peace came to our land, there is still scum left who want chaos, unreast and war…
They live in our midst, shop in the same stores, use the same trasport…
It’s possible that you know people who were against the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation
Participated in the regional “Maidan”
If you know of such people, immediately report it to the FSB at the following address
Simferopil, Bulvar Franko, Bldg. 13
Or by phone 37-42-76 (anonymous calls accepted)


  • Jesse Cott

    this IS FUCKING FASCISM ruSSia is the biggest fascist state in the history of the world

    • Arctic_Slicer

      Russia is also a master of projection. What Russia sees in Ukraine is actually just Russia looking in a mirror and not realizing it.

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    looks like the gulag will open again, those assholes (ruSSians) still do not get it. World Cup 2018 has to be moved to a civilized nation NOW

    • Arctic_Slicer

      Actually I think it would be better if Russia invests tens of billions to host it and most nations in the world end up boycotting it which would send a much stronger message and hurt them far more than a simple change of venue.

      • Mykola Banderachuk

        I like that idea, lets hope this happens, that would really make those guys pissed off – too bad

  • garyoptica

    Any nation that sells class A drugs, has prostitution, ministerial corruption, human rights abuses, sexism, state controlled media propaganda and political snitch lines will have Fascism in the working draws and folders of its offices of power….Looks like the FSB / KGB/ Scumbags R US have snitched on their soviet operations in Crimea.

  • Kruton

    The communist maniac sociopath degenerate criminals must be wiped from the face of the earth.On to Sebastopol!