Three Conclusions Regarding the War in Donbas



2014/07/03 • Analysis & Opinion


Europe is starting to look more and more like an old, fat and bloated prostitute who’s been scrubbed from reaching retirement age. I’m not just referring to yesterday’s quadripartite talks between the Ministers in Germany. Eurodeputies and European heads of state are reluctant to think and see beyond the usual phrase – “we express our deep concern…”; furthermore, they show a total inability to act and a tacit policy of laissez-faire in face of Russia’s aggression. This is quite obvious.

This is a fact that we need to accept first and then draw the right conclusions:

1. Our military partner – the United States.

2. ATO should be tough – we have now put a padlock on their “concern” over our tough stance (in the past few days, 120 terrorist sites have been destroyed) and possible consequences.

3. In the past months, Ukrainians have shown that they are willing to defend their freedom and choice by sacrificing their soldiers, demonstrating to the whole world what it means to have Cossack genes and ingrained military valour. We declare that today’s Russia is a fascist aggressor state that speaks and understands only the language of force.

Ukrainians are ready to do just that. Just don’t bother us. But, you can help… financially. The best army of Europe is currently being created in Ukraine. Fighting spirit is our army’s linchpin. Combat skills are acquired on the battlefield; as for weapons – that will come with time.

As to yesterday’s information about another “truce”, I didn’t see any peace-making measures besides the fact that our border guards and OSCE representatives will be allowed to monitor Russian checkpoints. That’s absolutely right. It might even be a small victory for Ukrainian diplomacy.

There’s no reason for us to panic.
But, there’s only one kind of truce that we can accept – all armed groups must lay down their weapons and a filtration camp should be set up in order to determine the degree of guilt and involvement in terrorist operations.
Our soldiers are fantastic! Just consider what the pilots of the Su-24 aircraft managed to do near Slovyansk. Such deeds should be recounted to children during school lessons on courage!


by Konstantin Kozemyaka

translated by Christine Chraibi


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  • sandy miller

    Bravo…Bravo…You are absolutely right!!! Ukraine has been let down by others enough. Time for Ukraine to take its own future into it’s hands. Go alternative energy. Let all of them choke on their own oil and gas. Ukraine you can raise food and get big into techno. You’ve always had an idenpendent spirit until the communists beat it out of you. You’ve recovered after hundreds of years of being denid your freedom and identity. May God bless you . May the angels be with you.

  • Murf

    I sincerely wish the US had been able to do more to help Ukraine in this struggle against Fascist Russia of Putin. Unfortunately with the current leadership “soft ” help is all we will be able to do.
    In someways that is better for the Ukrainian people. When your victory comes it will be YOUR victory and no one else’s. Most importantly you are not trading one master for an other. Your courage and sacrifice will give you and your children a sense of pride and self confidence that is worth more than any amount of money.

    You have been independent for 22 years but now you are becoming a nation.

    Best wishes form the US.