London Euromaidan activists threatened by possibility of “Kremlin-backed killings” if sanctions are to tighten



2014/07/03 • Political News

An article has appeared on June 30 in the Russian backed London Evening Standard, owned by a formed KGB-operative, warning of potential upsurges in assassinations by Russian intelligence services in London if the UK places stronger sanctions upon Russia.

Mark Galeotti, a professor of Global Affairs for the New York University working in Moscow, told London first that that the British capital has enjoyed relative safety from Kremlin-backed attacks because of prominent Moscow figures living and investing in London. According to him, this situation can change if the city becomes less attractive for the Russian elite due to economic sanctions, and that the Kremlin was “increasingly willing” to use violence to deal with opponents. As proof, Mr. Galeotti at a briefing referred to recent assassinations of fundraiser for Chechen and North Caucasus groups  in Turkey and Austria that were carried out by the Russian agents, also accused with killing the Russian fugitive FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko in London (on photo).

The main danger, according to Mark Galeotti, falls on “political and lobby groupings” in London that support the Ukrainian cause, which include some “very outspoken Ukrainian people.” One of the main groups that can be targeted, if these threats prove true, is the London Euromaidan. Other effective Euromaidans in Great Britain are at risk too, but this initial threat is by no doubt directed against them. It is one of the key organizations supporting the Ukrainian cause in Britain. The group is famous for their ceaseless vigil outside Downing Street for three months, for over 150 protests held since November 2013, with the largest one uniting 10 000 people who Marched from the Marble Arch to the Russian embassy .

It is telling that this story appeared in The London Evening Standard, owned by Alexander Lebedev, formerly a KBG operative, and now a Russian oligarch living in London. The London Evening Standard is a newspaper handed out at every train station in London. Free copies of it are forcefully distributed by hired people at all major station, and almost every commuter is reading a copy on their way home. He is also part owner of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and owner of three other UK newspapers with son Evgeny Lebedev: The IndependentThe Independent on Sunday, and the i Newspaper. It is no secret that British capital has had an intimate relationship with Kremlin money for many years. Will this mean that Britain’s standards of human rights and freedom of speech will become no less Kremlinized? While we await the answer to this question, London activists have to live in fear for speaking out against Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.



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  • Bill Roy

    I am a British citizen, I write online repeatedly against the Russian acts of aggression and war being carried out against the sovereign nation of Ukraine and Ukrainians, although I have never ‘YET’ taken part in any protest march, so perhaps I am the kind of person that the Kremlin and that Huylo Putin has in mind when trying to influence the behaviour of British pro-Ukrainian supporters. :)

    My full name is William Roy. I have a message for the Huylo, his ministers, the Russian Duma, and indeed the FSB (formerly the KGB), and any Oligarch and any of the underlings …. You have just strengthened my resolve to do more to stand against you, to fight harder your perverted ideas of Russian rights (which constantly detract from the ‘rights’ of others). From this day forward I shall now call upon all my abilities to spread the knowledge of just what Russia and its government are really like. I will now stand without flinching in my support for Ukraine against Russia and her thugs, criminals, paid mercenaries, and indeed against her use of her armed forces in their attempt to enslave the free peoples of the Ukraine.

    Putin, recently you said Britain was nothing (paraphrasing on my part), in some ways I would agree with that, but you misunderstand the true strength of Britain. Our strength comes not by being called a nation, our strength comes from the people themselves, and I, like others will now stand up and fight you more vigorously than you ever expected.

    I swear that I will NEVER be cowered by the threats from you or anyone acting on your behalf. I am British, I live in the United Kingdom, and I enjoy my rights of freedom as given to all my fellow countrymen by our government. No Russian will ever take those rights away from me, no matter how powerful or how rich that Russian is.

    Stand Strong Ukraine

    Glory to Ukraine

    “Britons never will be slaves.”

    Bill Roy
    {Oh, and by the way, I really do not like your stooge Farage. 😉 }

    • Walter Salmaniw

      Wow, Bill. A very powerful statement. God Bless you. I hope you and many, many others stand up for the truth and what is right. Enough of this Kremlin bulls**t.

  • sandy miller

    Bless you Bill Roy. I’m American and we’ve been raising money for Ukraine for months. We will continue working to strengthen Ukraine in every way we can. Why has the British Government allowed that filthy Putin regime money blackmail them? It’s happening all over the world. Have people gone crazy. Putin and his regime are the most dangerous group to come along si nce Stalin and Hitler. Typing on this site is awful

  • christopher witt diamant

    Every warrior of Light against Total Injustice in this world is an enemy of the Wolfen Darkness; and I am speaking of “The Wolf”: Putin. Petro Poroshenko is truly a “Peter” fighting this slavering devouring and merciless Russian “Wolf”, but what we are seeing in London and Berlin and the US are God’s Wolfhounds….bred to track down and kill wolves..and one Wolf in particular…the time has come to Stand…..Glory to Ukraine, bless the Holy Angel of the Ukraine in the names of Josyp Terelya and the Cosmic Virgin Mary of Hrushiv…Terelya our “New Day Star”, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as “The Zion of the Holy One of Israel”….

  • Milton Devonair

    Well as long as other people are being murdered by the russians and their chechens, it’s OK, but now they are looking this way? So the kgb/fsb ran russia criminal state really is a threat to the civilized world, just like radical islam is?

  • Shirley Damazo

    I wonder what UK is doing about this threat inside the country and to its citizen. This is not the first time Russia does that.
    I hope Bill and all the others stay safe.

  • Rods

    Dictators always under estimate democracies, who take their time to anger and to rally their resolve as this stops rash actions. Dictators look at this as a sign of weakness, when it is actually a strength.

    In 1940 after the fall of France the UK stood all alone and we were told that we had no chance, they were wrong, with our brave troops and an increasing army of allies in 1945 it was the dictator in Berlin that was dead.

    Ukraine your brave troops and growing army of allies around the world who are outraged by Putin and his disgraceful behaviour, are with you. You have the right to self determination, to sign any trade agreements that you so wish and the tyrant next door has no right to stop you. Stand firm Ukraine and you will prevail.

    Glory to Ukraine