Russia: Hesitant to resume talks, “such are the laws of war.”

Medvedev and Putin


2014/07/02 • War in the Donbas

“It will be much more difficult to resume negotiations. Such are the laws of war.”

“Having interrupted the truce, President Petro Poroshenko made a dramatic mistake. This will lead to new victims, but now he will be personally responsible for them,” Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev publicly posted today on his Facebook page.


  • sandy miller

    Those scummy lying devils as always.

  • steve34609

    Moscow really needs to pay close attention to US Senate Bill 2277,section 301. It’s still in committee but, in the face of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, it will be pushed through immediately.The USA WILL get involved. What’s more, sectoral sanctions, specifically the energy sector, will be imposed by not only the USA and the EU but dozens of other countries around the world. NATO will get dragged in too. Russia will end up getting their asses handed to them. They will suffer a cost of money crisis, hyperinflation,Moscow’s cashflow will dry up and Putin will no longer have the ability to govern, much less wage a war. Look at the Bill.

  • Kruton

    Talk is cheap.

  • UkrainianPolicy

    I want to know how Poroshenko can “interrupt” a unilateral truce. Is he interrupting himself?

    • Milton Devonair

      Must be something lost in the translation….politicalspeak.

  • Jacks Channel

    What I don’t understand is that now that everyone knows without a doubt that there are no real threats to Russian speakers in the East, for months now evidenced by one proven fact after another, mainly that there are no “Banderites”, what are the seperatists fighting for? They have no reason to fight now because all of the reasons that they decided to fight for in the first place never existed. Noble as they are, Moscow has made them look foolish.

    • Milton Devonair

      The ‘separatists’ were paid unemployed, criminals, drunks, etc. When russia had sent enough armed russians and chechens there, they pushed aside the Ukrainian “useful idiots” or used them as human shields/cannon fodder and if they tried to flee, they shot them.

      These are the homeless/drunks/criminals that the russians used at first. Criminals were paid to fight (tituski).

  • Murf

    It was always just a one sided cease fire.

  • sandy miller

    The snake waits before he attacks again. What lowly games Putin’s Kremlin plays! Are they trying to turn eastern europe into the middle east? Pathetic! USA, Germany all of Europe Putin needs to pay dearly for the crimes he’s committed. Don’t allow Putin’s regime to turn eastern europe into the middle east or everyone will suffer needlessly for their insanity. Stop him now it’s obvious he’s not stopping his insane behavior. Stilll threatening and lying. Remember if you tell the lie long enough people might believe you. His lies about Ukraine have been viciousThey discredit of russia.