Hungary will participate in the construction of the Russian “South Stream” 



2014/07/02 • Political News

Hungary will help Russia build the gas pipeline around Ukraine, because the county needs an alternative energy source, state Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Hungary will participate in the construction of “South Stream.” The country is planning to construct its part of the pipeline which will allow to transport gas to Europe around Ukraine. This was stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, writes Radio Svoboda.

“Those who said that we should not build the “South Stream” should propose an alternative to how we should live without fuel,” stated Orban.

Orban’s statement confirms the contradictions in the European Union on the issue of the gas pipeline’s construction.

Earlier EU Commissioner in Energy Gunther Ettinger claimed that the political decision regarding the construction of the new gas pipeline “South Stream” is impossible without Moscow acknowledging the new government in Kyiv.

On his part, Bulgarian Prime Minister Plamen Oresharshkiy ordered to suspend all work on the project.

Meanwhile, the Serbian government stated they are not ready to postpone the construction of their own part of the “South Stream” pipeline despite the statements made by neighbouring Bulgaria.

Head of “Gasprom” Alexey Miller and general director of OMV Gerhard Roiss signed the agreement regarding the construction of the Austrian part of the “South Stream” pipeline on June 24th in Vienna.

Source: Gordon

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • sandy miller

    Treacherous Hungarians and Serbs. Always have been. Nothing like having people kick you in the face when you’re down. Sorry Hungary and Serbia you have made your bed with the fascist Putler and you will go down with his evil empire in the end.

    • jmundstuk

      So let me get this straight. You want to reignite the European hatreds that led to world wars?