Large groups of terrorists surrender and side with the ATO, speaker reports



2014/07/01 • War in the Donbas

Oleksiy Dmitrashkovskyi, ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) Speaker, reported that large groups of  terrorists in the Donbas started to surrender, take side with ATO forces, and provide information on location of other terrorists.

According to the ATO representative, the terrorists realized that it makes no sense to resist the Ukrainian military, therefore they started to take their side.

“The terrorists realized that it makes no sense to resist Ukrainian law enforcers. They side with ATO forces, provide reliable information on plans and deployment of terrorists groups by phone. This information is confirmed. Negotiations with the terrorists continues and it is expected that even more groups of terrorists will take the side of ATO forces,” TSN news reports, quoting Oleksiy Dmitrashkovskyi.

The ATO representative promised to shortly make public information on the amounts of artillery and aircraft which is involved in the active phase of the ATO. Previously it was reported that ATO forces fired at ATO terrorists’ positions from artillery and aviation.

Later (July 1, 2014 10:35 Kyiv time) Info Resist informed that the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior reported that terrorists are surrendering en masse, citing Zorian Shkiriak, Adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Interior, as per his Facebook page.

“The colorados [derogatory name for terrorists meaning the potato beetle with stripes like those on the St. George ribbons the separatists wear] started surrendering en masse and laying down arms in different areas of the ATO! Of course, the path to victory is yet difficult and thorny, but we have a positive signal. Of utomst importance is the safety of civilians! God be with us,” he wrote.


Compilation and translation by Dr. Vitalii Usenko, MD, MBA, expert in international business management and communications

and Dmytro Usenko, student at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto,

edited by Alya Shandra, Euromaidan Press

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  • sandy miller

    I hope and pray what you say is true. Maybe all the killing will stop sooner than later.

  • christopher witt diamant

    Indeed this would be welcome news…but the fact is this: Putin’s charade is now wearing thin…and he did not invade Ukraine and bolster the terrorists…so now they are losing heart…because NO ONE supports their retarded agenda of trying to make Ukraine into a vassal state of Russia…Glory to Ukraine! Blessed is the Herald of Mary of Hrushiv; Josyp Terelya …the New Day Star of my Father Jesus, Mikhailovich: Son of Michael…

    • Milton Devonair

      There can never be a peaceful resolution or peace if only one party wants it.
      Putin and his neo-sovietica are the enemy of mankind.

      • sandy miller

        Milton…truly Putin and his regime are the new Hitler neo-nazi regime of the 21st. Century. Europe needs to stop being greedy and being his hand maiden and stop him. Woe be the day if they let this manic continue his expansionism and lies. I’ve never in my lifetime heard so many lies come out of a government. How does Putin’s Regime live with themselves for what they’re doing to Ukraine?

        • Milton Devonair

          They are russians. It’s what russia always has been and apparently still is. Most of the people in countries around russia don’t like russians either. No humans should like, nor trust russia as russia….well….quoting winston churchill in 1929:

          “[To the East of Poland] lay the huge mass of Russia—not a wounded Russia only, but a poisoned Russia, an infected Russia, a plague-bearing Russia, a Russia of armed hordes not only smiting with bayonet and with cannon, but accompanied and preceded by swarms of typhus-bearing vermin which slew the bodies of men, and political doctrines which destroyed the health and even the souls of nations”

        • Dennis Fetcho, “The Fetch”

          The Neo Not Sees! How wonderfully colorful is this language of the idiot!

  • Wyatt K

    Never count the Ukrainians out. They are a tough and resourceful people. Not only are they fighting for the country, but they are also fighting for the future of their children and grandchildren who deserve to live in a prosperous and stable nation. Ukraine will achieve the ultimate victory, not only because they are right, but because they are determined even in the face of Putin’s paid mercenaries. I hope that Ukraine not only succeeds, but I hope and pray that it becomes not just part of Europe, but leads Europe. I am confident that it will. Europe is not mother Europe to Ukraine, it wants a Ukraine that is an equal and is prosperous. The West is taking some risk in Ukraine, but it will be worth it if a prosperous Ukraine is the end result of all of this. The greatest risks, however, are being taken by Ukrainians themselves. Putin wants and unstable Ukraine. Europe wants a strong and prosperous Ukraine. At least if Ukraine decided it wanted to leave Europe, there would not be an invading force to discourage it. Who wants to belong to Russia’s club of thugs when you cannot leave of your own free will when it is time to go. I think Putin has severely underestimated the character and resolve of these people. These people are like the Texans of Europe. You don’t mess with Texas and you don’t mess with Ukraine! These are very capable and resourceful people. And, their resolve to get back on their feet is very strong. They will get their country back and they will duplicate the economic miracle of Germany after World War II. Someday, Ukraine will be the leading nation in Europe and when that day comes, Russia will be negotiating with a Ukrainian when it negotiates with Europe. That, and a prosperous Ukraine will be the sweetest revenge of all! God Bless Ukraine!

    • Dennis Fetcho, “The Fetch”

      Based on what we see from multiple sources – Western Ukrainians are quite barbaric and uncivilized people. They remind me of Israelis.

  • Kruton

    The taking of prisoners is of utmost importance .The international media must be shown they are being treated well,this will encourage more to throw down their arms.

    • Dennis Fetcho, “The Fetch”

      Barbaric and uncivilized people as we find running the show in Western Ukraine do not take prisoners: they shoot them for maximum psychological effect towards their enemies. Consequently – this story appears to be just a bogus PR stunt.

  • Dennis Fetcho, “The Fetch”

    It is virtually impossible to trust Kiev. The government there is run by pathological liars. I think they say that they are bombing “terrorist bases” also – oh geez – what idiots. Turn on the news and all we find is a bunch of residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and the like being razed….

    • garyoptica

      You have a brown nose and the mark of the devil as you become a liar over the graves of the innocent.You must bathe and cleanse your soul before you get a curse.

      • Alexei Lebedov

        May Baba Yaga eat you and find you unhealthy, purge your bones into Poroshenkos maw

  • Alexei Lebedov

    Proof? Yes, thats right, just more lies