Importing protective equipment and medicine for the military is freed from taxation


2014/07/01 • Political News

Verkhovna Rada has freed import transactions on personal protective equipment in Ukraine from taxation during the ATO.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law on Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine (concerning specialized personal protective equipment and medicine) (№ 4199а).

According to a UNIAN correspondent, 261 out of 319 MPs registered in the session hall voted in favor of the decision.

Under this law, temporarily, for the duration of the anti-terrorist operation and/or the implementation of martial law, the following import transactions connected to importing and supplying in the customs territory of Ukraine are freed from the value added tax: specialized personal protection (helmets made according to military specifications or technical conditions or their equivalents and special components assigned to them (balaclava helmets, buffers)) that are classified under product subcategory 6506 10 80 00 according to UKT ZED; bulletproof vests that are classified under product subcategory 6211 43 90 00 according to UKT ZED, made according to military specifications or military conditions for the needs of the security services, Armed Forces of Ukraine, and other military organizations formed in accordance with the law of Ukraine, or other subjects who are fighting terrorism in accordance with the law; medicine and medical products intended for usage by the health facilities providing first aid to individuals who suffered wounds, concussions, or other damages during the period of the ATO and/or the implementation of martial law.

Source: UNIAN

Translated by Mariya Shtangrat, edited by Robin Rohrback



  • sandy miller

    What are those people in office doing. They’re just now letting this stuff into the country without taxation. OMG. They fiddle as Rome burns. Get rid of all this useless process…that’s all these people do. While Putin invades they’re fiddling around. I’d give them all a gun and send them out to fight the terrorists because they’re wasting time while Ukrainian soldiers go outwithout proper equipment and are dying . Don’t write this shit it just pisses me off terribly.

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