Putin moving to plan “B” in Ukraine — analyst



2014/06/30 • Analysis & Opinion

Any calls for an uprising in Ukraine are premature since Russia’s president is now moving to plan “B”, taking advantage of tariff politics and other issues that worry Ukrainian citizens in order to destabilize the situation, political analyst Pavlo Nuss writes in a commentary for UNN, June 28.

“After Petro Poroshenko signed the Association Agreement despite Russian pressure and the military  invasion of  our country, the president of the aggressor country is moving to another plan for destabilizing the political situation in Ukraine. Using his residents in Kyiv, Putin is aiming to organize typical protests, exploiting the politics surrounding tariffs, the peace initiatives of the Poroshenko administration, and other matters  that disturb the citizens of Ukraine. To preserve national unity it is essential to be aware of the goals of such provocations, which include not only the battlefield in the east, but a repetition of the winter scenario,” he says.

According to Nuss, Poroshenko is being compelled to resolve the situation in the east exclusively through peaceful means.

“We forget that a European ultimatum has actually been issued to the president of Ukraine, requiring him to resolve the situation in the east only through peaceful means, using diplomacy to reach a political decision. Only then will the key EU countries be ready to ratify the Comprehensive Agreement on Association and Free Trade Zone between the EU and Ukraine, which was signed on June 27,” he said.

Nuss is convinced that Vladimir Putin is now moving to plan “B”.

“Putin has moved to his plan “B”,  which calls for manufacturing internal crises resulting in another election that removes President Poroshenko and installs a pro-Kremlin government. Any calls for revolt today — even if justified — are premature because it is through the means of peaceful and rightful protest that Putin’s strategists are avenging their defeat. A nation can become strong not only when it achieves victory but when it keeps it. Consolidation!” Nuss concludes.

Translation: Anna Mostovych

Source: UNN



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  • sandy miller

    Consolidation? What does that mean?

    • Mykola Banderachuk

      Good question

  • sandy miller

    F—k EU. EU is telling Ukraine to give up the east and south to Russia. Poroshenko tell those scummy immoral bastards to go to hell. Control your border let Russia have Lughanist and Donets you keep Kharkiv and the rest of ancient Ukraine.