President of Ukraine suspends ceasefire in the Donbas



2014/06/30 • War in the Donbas

Following the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, has decided to suspend mode unilateral ceasefire in the Donbas.

The ceasefire declared by the President on June 20 and extended to 22.00 on June 30, is over.

“We will attack and we will liberate our land.  The ending of the ceasefire period is our response to terrorists, rebels, looters, all those who torture civilians who paralyse the economy of the region, who disable the payment of salaries, pensions, stipends, who blow up the railroad, destroy water pipes, who deprive people of normal peaceful life, “- he said in an address to the nation.


Translated by Vitalii Usenko and Dmytro Usenko;  Edited by Myron Spolsky

  • Bill Roy

    This will be bloody, but the alternative would have been far more so.

    Don’t worry about foreign investment coming afterwards, it will come, just as it came to West Germany after WWII and West Berlin after the Russian blockade. But that is for tomorrow, for today may I wish all Ukrainian service men and women a safe home coming from the battles ahead, and of course absolute victory over the Terrorists and those who stand with them.

    • sandy miller

      Bill Roy…Ukraine has already been dived up and the east and south have gone under Russia’s “protectorate”. Ukrainian Oligarchs are responsible for the war in those parts they should go. State take over their businesses. Stop letting EU and US fuck over you.

      • Bill Roy

        sandy miller … You mean being murdered by Russian Terrorists, being kidnapped by Russian Terrorists, being tortured by Russian Terrorists and being invaded by Russian Terrorists and the Russian Army is being ‘under Russia’s “protectorate” ‘? Obviously you do not know that Ukrainians are FREE people, that Ukraine is a sovereign nation, and that invasion and Russian slavery goes against the wish of the people of ALL parts of Ukraine.
        But then again just to think under current Russian laws you could not write anything different if you are in Russia, for it is now against the law to do so there. However, this does not apply to ANY part of Ukraine. ;o)

        • sandy miller

          Bill Roy…what are you talking about. I’m pro-Ukrainian. How could you think otherwise? I believe that Europe and US are pressuring Ukraine into giving up eastern and southern Ukraine. I’ve been reading that they want Poroshenko to settle this dispute without fighting. Ukraine has no choice. I’m glad Poroshenko made the choice to fight. I just hope the military has what they need. I…I am Ukrainian American have always fought for Ukrainian independence not just with my mouth but with my money. You have misunderstood me. I lost all my family in the 1932-33 stalins famine of Ukraine.

  • Kruton

    Obliterate bolshevik mutants!