Russian blogger: Four facts about the war in Ukraine which Russians don’t want to admit



2014/06/28 • Military analysis

The situation in Donbas is a tragedy. But it a very simple tragedy with a very understandable authorship, with very understandable directors, with a very understandable creative intent, fabula and so forth.

And this should all be said in very simple terms. But the tendency is such that the words that the authors from the Russian Federation use in writing about the tragedy in Donbas are becoming more and more complex and double-ended. Whom are we fooling? Ourselves? To walk around blindsided?

Fact number one – Ukraine has toppled a bad government. Period. What kind of government came in its stead? Are the rebels good enough? Are they happy about Yanukovich’s flight in Moscow? Are they happy in Washington? All of these questions have nothing to do with the situation at all. Cunning questions that lead slightly less intellectual people astray – questions that fool weak minds. The only important thing is that Ukraine rebelled against backstabbing and won. It is unimportant that the victory is local and disputable.

Fact number two – the Russian Federation started a war against Ukraine. Why: was Putin upset, whether the Russian Federation wanted to keep Ukraine under its influence, did the elite get scared? This is all unimportant.

What is important is that the Russian Federation had no reasons to justify war. And an unjustified war is a crime. The Russian Federation committed a crime. If not against the law – international law is not the perfect instrument, then against conscience. Or against God, for those who carries on yammering this word. And it is unimportant whether others have committed these crimes. It is unimportant whether this crime is beneficial to us or not. We are criminals. In the face of our own conscious. This is the only important thing.

Talk about self-defence (NATO in Sevastopol) or the protection of the weak (where are the Crimeans who have been devoured by bloodthirsty zhido-Banderites?), or the return of our territories (when the state named “The Russian Federation” owned Crimea) – all of this is simple cunning. Some are fooling the public for merit, but these can be understood. The majority is fooling themselves for free.

Ukraine did not give Russia any reason for war with its Right Sectors. And this is a fact. The rest is over-analysing, fantasies, horror stories, excuses.

Fact number three. The fight in Donbas was started by Russia and only Russia. Not by Ukrainian separatists-terrorists-federalists, but Russia. By the hands of special services, hands of volunteer idiots from Russian citizens (there are enough of those) and the hands of paid mercenaries, Russian citizens. Using the money and weapons of the Russian Federation.

And the motivation of the “rebels” is not important here: patriotic vigour or an empty stomach, career ambitions, service duty, love for the Motherland, simple idiocy… When a murderer kills out of jealousy he is still the same murderer that kills out of greed. The image of good, “our” killers which Putin’s propaganda is thoroughly trying to construct is the same lie as the rest of his production.

It is unimportant how many locals were involved in this war and what suffering fell onto the shoulders of the local population. Well, it is very important, but not HERE, but when evaluating another issue. HERE what is important is that the responsibility for Donbas’ suffering lies fully and completely on the Russian Federation, and only on the Russian Federation. So on our government and all of us, my dear compatriots. Period.

Fact number four. The disorganised (like any) population of Donbas was unable and incapable of reigning in the “protectors” that came out of nowhere. And this is how it accepted part of the responsibility for the suffering that fell on its shoulders.

Just like we, unable to reign in our governors, and what is worse, having supported them, accepted responsibility, full responsibility for the evils of Donbas. Just like before we accepted responsibility for Georgia, Chechnya, Moldova. It is our responsibility and we are to blame. And we will be punished for it. We already are being punished. Though few understand it as of today.

And all the talk about Kyiv fascists in this case is a simple attempt at self-deception and self-justification. Kyiv is doing what it cannot do – protecting its country from external aggression. The war in Ukraine is not a civil war. It is war between Ukraine and Russia.

That blood is being spilt in this war is horrible yet inevitable. But this blood is on our hands.

To call the Kyiv government “executors” is the same a gang does when humiliating the guy with the glasses: they have surrounded him, pushing, insulting and when he cannot take anymore and raises his hand to respond, they start shooting: “Oh, you want to hit us too! Here you go, have more!!!”

Such are the facts. Very simple. When Nikita Mikhalkov was younger, he was able to briefly express his attitude to such simple things: “You are animals, esteemed sirs!”

This is about us, my friends. Because the one who helps the animal becomes an animal himself.

Source: Kado4nikov

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


  • Walter Salmaniw

    Wow, all so very true and well said. Clear enough for the goons in the Kremlin?

    • Milton Devonair

      Russia has always been a country of ignorant people, so the only thing that has ever stopped the russian imperialism is….force. Russians do not comprehend “No” or “No thanks”. The only thing russians have ever understood is force, violence and that has been the only thing that has historically ever stopped them from invading other countries and enslaving other people.

      • Walter Salmaniw

        Milton, thanks for standing up to the trolls who keep regurgitating the same crap about western Ukrainians, genocide, and the supposed western involvement conspiracy. The Kremlin simply can’t accept that a free people stood up and said, “enough is enough”. In fact, events in Kyiv, if anything, were begun by left leaning people, mainly young and highly educated. The first martyrs were an Armenian and a Byelorussian. Sad to think that these morons buy the Kremlin lies, hook, line and sinker. Ship the lot of them to Ukraine to witness the truth. The thugs I’ve seen are those who can’t stand to see a patriot who’s only “crime” is to be a patriotic Ukrainian citizen holding the blue and yellow flag high. For this they are beaten, tortured and even murdered. That is what sickens me, and worse, listening and reading idiots who continue to support Putin.

        • Milton Devonair

          You’re welcome and what I do is the minimum of what any good person, any human would do. You’re right in the rest of what you say. is a website I often pass on to others.
          For some good feelings, a chechen in eastern Ukraine:

        • Murf

          Here, here, gentlemen and lady!
          Our contributions are not much compared to the sacrifices of the Maidan protesters and the soldiers in the ATO. But at least we can help fight the vicious propaganda war.
          Free people get to make free choices with out a gun to their heads!
          Best wishes from the US.

  • sandy miller

    Excellent I hope russians are reading it and thinking about it. For no good reason, they have the people of Ukraine’s blood on their hands. If this is what thay need to do to save their pride than I am truly afraid of them. What kind of vanity is this? Putin and his regime need to be destroyed.

  • Kruton

    We live in the age of delusion,people believe what they want to believe.It is going to have tragic results.

  • Dennis Fetcho, “The Fetch”

    Fact 1: Victoria Nuland was heavily involved in overthrowing the previous government of Ukraine. The US State Department is ultimately responsible for letting loose the chaos in Ukraine.

    Fact 2: US State’s complicity in the overthrow of the government of Ukraine is and was a form of warfare against Russia by America’s Russophobic elements in the US State. This is pretty well known to all who follow the actions of these people. They can spin it as much as they wish but reality is not going to bend.

    Fact 3: The results in the Donbas are a direct result of Fact 1. If you do not institute the overthrow of the government in Kiev by essentially Western controlled interests, and had these Western controlled interests not been so obviously anti-Russian – the rise of the federalists in the East would never have been brought about.

    Fact 4: It is the Western part of Ukraine – the very elements that expressed clear hatred for Russian elements within Ukrainian society – that are now actively leaving their homelands and going to the East to slaughter Eastern Ukrainians….

    And the calls for blood by Western Ukrainians against the East are pretty well known out there.

    All in all – very poor propaganda piece. Blaming others and deflecting from reality is a very delusional way of going about trying to impress we in the audience.

    • Milton Devonair

      lol kommerade clown.
      1. Ukraine has been boiling over for the last 8 years, russian buffoon. USA did nothing.

      2. “USA war against russia”? OMG, LMAO!!! Only someone as ignorant as a russian could say such a thing.
      Was the USA also attacking russia when russia invaded and destroyed:
      chechnya and georgia.
      The problem with you russians is you think that humans are as ignorant as you russians are.

      3. Yet another “fact” built upon the putin-ganda lie of #1. Your russian ignorance is on full display again.

      4. “slaughter Eastern Ukrainians”? Full blown russian lies again. No wonder humans can never trust russians. The only people doing killing of innocent people in donbas/lugansk are the paid russian and chechen terrorists.

      Thanks for the public display of what russians really are like. For humans that were unaware of what russia is like and how russians are, they just got a full view of it.
      Now they know that as humans, never to turn their back on a russian and never ever trust russia.

      как лжец и тролль ты будешь до последнего отрицать очевидное

      • Dennis Fetcho, “The Fetch”

        1) Ukraine has been boiling over for more than 8 years, to be sure.
        2) We Americans know very well our Neocon government and their war against Russia. It is in their press and think tanks ALL THE TIME. We knew about the plans of Georgia years before the war started – so yeah, the Neocons were thinking there was a Russian soft belly for quite some time. I personally met with individuals who were part of the Georgian rearmament, so save your ignorance for someone who is interested.

        Chechnya is also a part of the Neocon “Islamic Extremist” war on civilization, not much different from their wars currently ongoing in Syria and Iraq.

        Russia won their war so understand well the nature of the conflict.

        3) We Americans know our government VERY VERY WELL and we are very well aware of the use of what we cann “fuzzy NGO’s” which are used to bring about regime changes. Again – we are not approaching this issue from a Russian perspective: we are approaching this issue from a dissenting Elite view within US foreign policy circles.

        4) Slaughter Eastern Ukrainians is indeed the game plan. This is no secret and plenty of independent and verifiable sources out there in support of the Western Ukraine genocide against the East. It did not help your case when Western Ukrainian elites essentially blurted with glee their interest in destroying the Eastern parts.

        5) Again – we don’t really care per se about the Russian angle other than as a dissenting US voice within foreign policy circles we identify and empathize with the very real issues that Russian policy makers must deal with in the face of an onslaught by “Chicago school” Noahide centric Israeli firsters in charge of US State in central and eastern Europe.

        • Milton Devonair

          “We Americans know very well our Neocon government and their war against Russia.”

          Please exclude me and other normal people from your “we”. Stick to mountain dew drinking alex jones basement types. Thanks.

          “Georgian rearmament”? Is an independent country not allowed to arm itself comrade? Using your whackjob logic, then russia should re-invade Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland.

          Or do you just miss the good ol combloc russian plantations?

          Good to see you are consistent and know nothing about chechnya either. Muslim involvement in Chechnya didn’t happen in any consequence until russia put the hammer down hard on them for wanting to actually LEAVE russia after the ussr failed. It was only the involvement of imported muslims that stopped the russians from overrunning their country. So putin just withdrew and turned the capital of grozny into what looks like berlin in 1945.

          Stop reading putinganda. There is no “slaughter” going on in eastern ukraine. The biggest killings going on there have been russians and chechen killing the people they kidnap or the ones that want to surrender to the Ukrainian army. There’s still over 200 children missing from when the russians/chechens took them away after they commandeered 5 buses. Oh, and the don cossacks from russia are still holding some osce observers as human shields.

          Nothing wrong with opinions, but yours are based in complete lies and fabrications, so they are meaningless at best, make you look ignorantly russian at worst.

          Here are some links for you. You really should check out the last one….

          neo-soviet propaganda busting

        • Brightstar50

          You are not an American, you are nothing more than someone trying to act as if you are an American and trying to speak on behalf of the American people and you are so damn wrong. We include everyone in America and we is the wrong proposition you are using because most Americans don’t think like you do.

  • Eric Daniels

    Dennis Fetcho, pretty much destroyed this propaganda story. The US has been trying to weaken Russia for the last 40 years. Ukraine will find itself in the worse economic position in it’s history. The US doesn’t care about Ukraine they just using your country as a tool to destabilize trade with Russia and hurt the Russian economy. Well that didn’t exactly work since Putin has signed trade agreements with China and also signed gas deal with China.

    The US wants Ukraine to believe Russia is the problem so Russia and Ukraine fight among themselves and it’s worked well. Russia has been sanctioned by all the US allies but Russian economy will not be hurt that badly. Russia is prepared to make whatever sacrifices need to be made rather than adhere to any demands from the US or the EU. Putin is a smart leader, he has the ability to invade Ukraine and end all violence in less than a week if he had any interest in Ukraine he probably would, but Ukraine needs a great deal of investment and organization to ever become a profitable country. Russia would rather just sell Ukraine gas and live in peace and prosper from the gas sales and other trade that would benefit both countries. But now Ukraine is out on a limb and the only one who can save them is the US and EU and both are rather cash strapped economies in the midst of recovery themselves so good luck Ukraine, you gonna have to manage somehow.

    • Murf

      “The US wants Ukraine to believe Russia is the problem so Russia and Ukraine fight among themselves.”
      More Russian delusions.
      I think UA figured that for themselves when you invaded Crimea then stirred up a rebellion in the east.

      Justify it all you want, bottom line; you back stabbed one of your closets allies. For a port you already had access to.

      Every one knows it,

      Nobody trusts you.

      The Ukrainians certainly never will.

  • PoeTentiate

    Paid Russian propagandist.

  • PoeTentiate

    I’m sure that Taras Shevenchenko was a CIA agent as well. Do you get paid well for your online fabrications?

  • PoeTentiate

    The propaganda campaign is part of the overall war, which includes boots on the ground and ongoing Cyber-warfare against Ukraine and NATO. Considering how much money Russia is pouring into the effort it is likely that these very persistent “trolls” are not misguided, ignorant and/or stupid. They are paid to spread misinformation. This is their job. They have a huge advantage over part-time volunteers which is likely what everyone else is at this point.