Kyiv residents will be allowed to attend sessions of the City Council

2014/06/25 • Political News

As reported by Segodnya News Portal, Oleksiy Reznikov, the Kyiv City Council Secretary, claims that the new government will be combating corruption based on the Singapore’s experience. Thus, the question of allowing the residents of the capital to attend the sessions of Kyiv City Council is currently being discussed.

“We have to ensure maximum public access to the sessions of Kyiv City Council. This matter is being discussed. I believe we will find an option which allows Kyiv residents to attend sessions,” Reznikov says.

Therefore, Kyiv’s new government intends to battle corruption among the officials. “It is obvious that so far corruption has been one of the diseases of Ukraine, and specifically of Kyiv. It is necessary to eliminate the causes of corruption in order to reduce its amounts,” the secretary of Kyiv City Council notes.

As Reznikov informed, the new government also plans to introduce an e-Government system, as exemplified by Georgia and Singapore.

Translated by Katherina Smirnova, edited by Alya Shandra



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