Yanukovych: “Poroshenko has little time left!”



2014/06/23 • Featured, Political News

Novaya Gazeta Ukrainy is so far the only website that managed to get an interview from Viktor Yanukovych and only because the journalist he agreed to give an interview to was his old friend Olga Berezovskaya. The exclusive report of our journalists will tell what Yanukovych really thinks about Ukraine and the perspectives of the country. Viktor Fedorovych is in hospital near Sochi, but it is more of a sanatorium. There are security guards outside his ward. Not in uniform but in business suits. The ward is clean but modest. There is nothing what has been ascribed to and what the now former President of Ukraine has been blackmailed with by ill-wishers. A TV set hangs on the wall. We have agreed before the interview that we would not ask about the President’s illness, and would only speak of the fate of Ukraine, about life, international policies and war.

“Viktor Fedorovych, what do you think of Poroshenko?”

“He is illegitimate,” Viktor Fedorovych looks to the side, collects himself and continues. “The way Poroshenko came to power is illegal. He could have only become President by means of re-elections. And the Kyiv junta chose a bloody, horrible way. Meanwhile I want to remind you that I proposed a peace plan to regulate the conflict in February. I proposed a road map to the three leaders of the so-called opposition, which included the algorithm of action to stabilise the situation. Instead, the leaders of the junta led the people to bloodshed, which they are unable to end until today.”

“You have known Petro Poroshenko for many years. What can the Ukrainians expect from him now?” 

“Nothing good. Petro Poroshenko aims not for the welfare of the state and all Ukrainians, and only his own enrichment. Now he is a marionette in the hands of American puppet masters. He was the same in the hands of the oligarchs during the period when we met. This person does not have principles, for him only material wealth is important. I remember back when I was the governor of Donetsk oblast, Poroshenko crawled to me on his knees to ask me to give him the heavy industry plant. Back then I told him that I was not going to give away state property and that he should not even think that people like himself can steal state property and hide it away in their pockets.”

“Now the new government is accusing you of looting the National Treasury. Is this true?” 

First, let us not call Poroshenko’s Kyiv junta the new government. The people that were unworthy of ruling Ukraine are in charge now. They are the people we kicked out of the Party of Regions for their incapability, they are those who did not know how to be efficient leaders, and instead of that stole state funds audaciously. Now they are calling themselves the Kamikaze Government, now they are saying we have to live in a new way. But wasn’t it them, long before I became President of Ukraine legally at fair elections, that led the country to such a state that we were unable to make it live normally in short terms? When I came to power in 2010 I honestly admitted that in order to return the country to economical flourishing a miracle should happen. But a miracle did not happen – and we rolled up our sleeves and set to work. They did not let us finish what we wanted to. We proposed a simple and comprehensive reform plan for the country. We stated our actions honestly and openly. Can we see the same in he new so-called government, de facto a junta? No. They don’t have a plan, nor the will to admit that they cannot do anything, that they are political losers and incapable managers. And you see for yourself, as to whether I stole billions. I am in a modest ward. I don’t live in a palace, I don’t go fishing by helicopter. If they want to prove with facts that I stole something from the treasury – let them go to court. I am ready for an honest court process and ready to be held responsible for my every action as head of state. But they have to be ready for responsible in the future as well. I know, they are still telling me, lamenting the scale the state budget is being looted now. The Ukrainians will yet see who is the thief and the liar.

“The situation in the southeast of Ukraine is war of Russia against Ukraine or civil war?” 

“Neither. They are Ukrainian citizens who don’t agree with the Kyiv junta. Millions of people were consciously rid of the right to vote at the elections and elect the President they wanted to vote for. Such a bloody political step allowed Poroshenko to become the head of state. But he does not have much time left to enjoy the result of his deception. The fist of Donetsk miners has already clenched and the hand has been raised over Poroshenko’s head. If the Kyiv junta does not make steps to peacefully regulate the situation, in Kyiv doesn’t want to listen to the voice of Donbas, the national uprising will sweep everything off its path. There will be not hundreds but thousands of killed and wounded.

“Are you ready to return to Donetsk if the People’s Republic of Donetsk is officially declared?” 

“I am ready to return to Ukraine at any moment. But only if myself and my people are given guarantees of safety. I have nothing to hide, I am not afraid personally. But I am responsible for the lives of the people that trust me. I have said it before many times and I will reiterate: I am ready for open dialogue and I am ready to help and give my utmost for there to be peace and order in Ukraine, I love Kyiv. Enough war and blood, it is time to end fratricide. No post is worth the death of peaceful civilians.”

“The Association with the European Union, which they are planning to sign by the end of this month, will it bring economical stability to Ukraine?” 

“In the end of the previous year we were forced to and all talks with the European Union. The conditions in the Agreement which were offered to us, I think, are unacceptable to the country and it people, and neither then nor now does the leadership of Ukraine have the right to accept such overtly humiliating agreements. In November 2013 I gave the order to suspend the work on signing the agreement but not cancel it completely. We saw that they are playing an unfair game with us. But the leaders of the junta have twisted everything, as if I am against Ukraine becoming part of united Europe. I have seen and I want for them to speak with us on equal terms. No state has the right to dictate its conditions to Ukraine. I said this in my presidential campaign in 2010. Very soon the people will be able to compare how the President realised their programs. I did not violate any of the points of my promises before the elections. Petro Poroshenko is already doing everything in contradiction to everything he said. He does not have the will, the power, the resources in order to do the things he promised. Because all of his statements are empty words. There is no concrete plan, just loud political statements. This once more emphasised the unprofessionalism and lies of both himself and his team.

“Viktor Fedorovych, do you miss your motherland?” 

“I would very much like to return to my motherland, talk to the people, hear them out. But I am unable to do it. All of these recent events led to my health becoming worse. I am forced to stress a lot, think, give advise. In Ukraine there are people left that want to alter the situation. But they are not being given the floor, they are not being heard. My assistants complain that they have created a dictatorship in the country and they are shutting all those up who want to say intelligent things against the nightmare into which the country was submerged with Maidan and everything that came after. But while I am alive, while I have strength, I will continue to do everything for Ukraine to return to normal stable life even from outside of the country.”

Olga Berezovskaya for Novaya Gazeta Ukrainy

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • steve34609

    He thinks people are gullible enough to believe that because he is now securely ensconced in a ‘modest ward’ at a sanitorium in Russia, it stands on its’ own as ‘proof’ that his hands are clean of corruption and thievery? I trust that he isn’t lacking any funds. The entire world witnessed his material excesses after he fled Kyiv. Who is he fooling? Answer: no one. He’s either self-deluded or a liar…or both. The factually backed occurrences of Maidan stand as poof and easily rebut all of his statements as fabrications.

    • Milton Devonair

      The problem is he’s in russia, so he’s surrounded by a country filled with ignorant people….who will believe anything.

      Did he leave his wallet on his desk at his palace or something?

  • ALM

    Like the Polish FM said and like the Polish government itself has become, Western Ukrainians are performing oral sex with the US and giving the Europeans one blow job after another. Read on RT what the Polish FM thinks when he is behind closed doors.

    • Pablo72

      RT belongs to the Kremlin so it will never give an objective reference to any conflict where western powers are involved.

      • Con Sequins Nickleby

        I occasionally read the articles in RT and I am amazed at all the lies and propaganda that the Kremlin-funded website writes into its articles. One only has to compare with other news sources, like this one, to get the truth.
        The comments are even worse. I have to laugh at all the anglicized names that many of the commenters use to hide the fact that they are actually Russians. The surnames used are English, Scottish, Irish, German and even Italian or Spanish, but they all type in English like they just came off the boat. Only a few use English well enough to be understood. They all hate Poroshenko, the U.S., EU, UK, the CIA, IMF, Nuland, Psaki, and Jews or Zionists. And Obama. They also hate anyone who makes comments that they disagree with, and they often wind up name-calling and other abuses. I think RT pays them well.

    • Eralun

      The Polish FM was referring to Poland, not Ukraine.

  • cotoman

    if this were printed in paper the only use for it with be as toilet paper…

  • Arctic_Slicer

    Sounds like Yanukovych is projecting.

  • Jacks Channel

    This dude is so unimportant now I am surprised that he is still talking.

    • Con Sequins Nickleby

      It is the empty barrel that makes the most noise.

  • David Rusinas

    Yanukovych, the new word for delusional.

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    And you yanou have no time, you will face justice sooner of later, as the greatest traitor in a Ukrainian history

  • Mykola

    So apparently Yanukovych goes fishing by helicopter.

  • simcut

    “I would very much like to return to my motherland, talk to the people,
    hear them out. But I am unable to do it. All of these recent events led
    to my health becoming worse. I am forced to stress a lot, think, give

    Oh boo hoo. Cry me a God damn river!

    Mr. Yanukovych, how about you take some responsibility for your own ill fated deeds rather than shift the blame to others? You ignored the will of the people and betrayed the nation. You have no one to blame but yourself for the current situation.

    “He does not have the will, the power, the resources in order to do the things he promised”

    Such irony. This is coming from a man whose leadership was so pathetic that he’d cave in under pressure from Moscow, and especially not do the things he promised!

    I love the use of the words “dictatorship” and his objection to the use of the word government. Just goes to show how how bitter and detached from reality he is. He can’t take the fact that he was overthrown. Poor moron.

  • Jacks Channel

    Why is this “nobody” still talking?

  • Kruton

    Your’e the one running out of time!

  • Con Sequins Nickleby

    Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych sounds like a desperate man who had been caught with his hand in the Ukrainian “cookie jar” and had to think fast for a way out of his self-imposed dilemma. The fact that Yanukovych was collaborating with President Putin regarding the $15 billion that Putin offered him meant that Yanukovych would have had to ignore the will of the Ukrainian people who wanted to have ties with EU. He instead listened to his real master’s voice (Putin) at the expense of loyal Ukrainians.

    After all, the $15 billion would have to be paid back to Russia in addition to the money owed to Russia for the gas used by Ukrainians. It would be debt on top of debt and the country was poor enough already. You could say that Putin gave Yanukovych an offer he couldn’t refuse. Similar to the Italian Mafia.

    Not to mention that Yanukovych would have been paid off handsomely by Russia for that collaboration. Nothing is free but air and sunshine. Yanukovych seems to have loved expensive things while he was the President. Living in opulence was like living in a palace. In poor Ukraine. His ousting opened up many Ukrainian eyes when they saw his digs and how he lived like a rich man while many Ukrainians did not know where their next meal was coming from.

    If is true that Ukrainians wanted to take a chance with EU and venture into a wider array of Free Market deals with the West. This is normal and will give Ukrainians a chance to earn wealth and fill the country’s treasury like never before. It is hard work and innovation, but Ukrainians are willing to accomplish it for a better life. Yanukovych would driven them into further debt with the $15 billion Russian loan.

    It is only natural for Russia to not want their next door neighbor, Ukraine to become wealthy through financial and friendly ties with EU. It would mean that Ukrainians can do very well ON THEIR OWN WITHOUT RUSSIA HOLDING THEM BACK. Russia wants to be Ukraine’s “BIG DADDY” and keep Ukrainians dependent on Russia forever. But Ukrainians don’t live in their Dad’s or Mom’s basement at the age of 55. Ukraine has a life of its own and wants to be free of “parental control”. Unfortunately, neither Yanukovych nor Putin understood that concept.

    So Putin offers $15 billion, Yanukovych accepts and turns his back on EU; the Ukrainians get ticked off at the betrayal and oppose Yanukovych; he sends some snipers to fire on the demonstrators at the Maidan, then decides to flee before the investigation begins after he is ousted and an interim government is formed.

    Now Yanukovych has the audacity to try and poke President Poroshenko in the eye from his safe haven in Russia. What a jerk!!

  • Milton Devonair

    Maybe the buffoon yanukovych meant to say “lushenko, dictator of Belarus, has so little time left!”?

  • Reformedviking

    Interview from the insane asylum.

  • Kruton

    There,s a lamppost with his name on it out there.

  • LavrovRocks

    he is like a prophet, all that he said came true…maybe he will have a chance to do his duty to his country once again….who knows….

  • Hillarious Clinton

    Oligarch Porky Pornoshenko is the biggest liar,thief and pig,should resign,face trial and many years in prison! Yanukovich is prophet! Let go Ukraine to the EU-newest Gulag of nations,USSR moved to Brussels! Ukraina will join once again,a loosing side,like Bandera and Vlasov did!!!