Russian tanks with Ukrainian markings massing at border

2014/06/21 • News


The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has confirmed the presence of tanks on the Ukrainian-Russian border, reported Council spokesman Volodymyr Chepovyy.

Tanks with Ukrainian markings and people in Ukrainian military uniforms have been detected near the village of MIllerovo, in the Russian Federation, about 20 km from the Ukrainian-Russian border, Chepovyy said, June 21, at a press briefing, reports “The purpose could be to carry out provocations on Ukrainian or even Russian territory,” he said.

According to Chepovyy, information on the specific types of tanks is being determined, as well as the question if they could be part of the weaponry left in Crimea by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Defense spokesman Bohdan Senyk said that a substantial quantity of Ukrainian uniforms has remained in Crimea. “On the territory of occupied Crimea there were warehouses with military uniforms, including those used by the military-naval units of the Armed Forces,” Senyk said.

Earlier, the U.S. State Department confirmed that the Russian Federation is massing tanks and artillery at the Ukrainian border.

As previously reported, on June 20, 22:00, Ukrainian security forces began a ceasefire according to the peace plan announced by President Poroshenko. However, they are allowed to use weapons for defensive purposes in cases of clear attack on checkpoints and other military units involved in  the ATO (antiterrorist) operation.

Source: Tyzhden

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  • Robert Marchenoir

    Typical Nazi tactics. And no, that’s not a slur, it’s a historical fact :

  • Robert Marchenoir

    Another instance where the Nazis used enemy uniforms :

    Note this :

    Skorzeny was well aware that under the Hague Convention of 1907, any of his men captured while wearing U.S. uniforms would be executed as spies.

  • UKRbaba

    Nearly everything Putin is doing mimics Hitler. His paid-to-kill mercenaries are slaughtering unarmed Ukrainian civilians en masse, his Russia soldiers are forcing Ukrainians to kneel in submission to photos of Putin then kiss them, he lies consistently without ANY consequences, he laughs at the West and does whatever he wishes. Beware, world, this monster will be the undoing of all that we hold dear.

  • Keith

    More war crimes from Putler.