An Unauthorized Rally Held at the Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow

2014/06/15 • News

An unauthorized rally was held at the Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow in response to the picket at the Russian Embassy in Kyiv.

According to the UNIAN correspondent in Russia, about 100 young people in their twenties gathered near the Ukrainian diplomatic missions in Moscow. Protesters refused to name the organization they represented.

“We are students representing Russian youth,” said one of the protesters. Participants are chanting “Hands off the Russian Embassy”, “We won’t abandon our people,” “Release Russian journalists,” “Do not forget, do not forgive,” “Maidan will not pass.”

Participants are holding the Russian tricolor and placards with slogans “Stop Russian bloodshed.” Meanwhile, in fact no action is taken against the embassy.


Translated by Nata Vashka

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  • chornajuravka

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  • Sandy Miller

    My God those Russian fools you won’t forget? You won’t forgive? Did Ukraine invade Russia and kill Russians. Has Ukraine tried to tell Russia how to run their country. Did Ukraine corrupt Russia? Do these people have a brain in their heads? Russian media and Putin’s regime has recreated a idiotic people incapable of reason or questioning the worst most lying propagandist media and government in the history of the world. Stalin, Hilter and now Putin will go down in history developing one of the most evil empires in the 21st. Century… Congratulations Russia!!!

  • Evelyn Livingston

    Sadly the evil we are seeing in russia will not end with putin. We are seeing a new generation in training.