President declares day of mourning for Ukraine’s military

2014/06/14 • News


The President of Ukraine has expressed his deep condolences to the families of the fallen Ukrainian soldiers and border guards who died on June 14 while conducting anti-terrorist operations.

“On Sunday I declare a day of mourning for our military. This is a great loss not only for the families of the fallen but for the entire country. Ukraine is grieving, but we will resolutely continue the struggle for peace,” Poroshenko said.

“All those involved in the cynical terrorist attack of this magnitude will be punished without fail. Ukraine needs peace. However, the terrorists will receive a proper response,” he said.

The President is convening a meeting of the National Security and Defense. He has instructed the Cabinet to provide assistance to the families of the deceased.



  • sandy miller

    Putin please call off you army. Tell them to leave Ukraine and let Ukraine’s government talk to the pro-seperatists. They will have a choice of staying with Ukraine or moving to Russia. Save the last shreds of anykind of kinship left between the two people. Putin use your power for good instead of evil.

  • Recondo

    The road to FREE UKRAINE from the JAWS of RUSSIA must be drenched with the blood of Patriots as FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. US & NATO will assist Ukraine to achieve VICTORY against the Russian Invaders. And when the War ends, Russia will be by itself to face NATO, 33 countries Strong by then.