Today in tweets – June 2

2014/06/02 • Daily Updates, News

Putin made it to the urban dictionary

HQ of border control in Luhansk Oblast was attacked today. It has been under the terrorist attack since 4 a.m. Kyiv time

It was reported about 500 insurgents that were attacking border guards.

Russian (Kremlin) media shared fake information and reported about the border control attack as it were National Guards attacking civilians

But it is no surprise as Russia has 100mln USD for funding their propaganda

Kremlin internet trolls are now using pictures from Bosnia to share fake information about Donbas events

Pro-Russian insurgents capture civilians and use their homes as terrorist bases. Many people have already left Donbas

Meanwhile local journalists are beaten and detained in Crimea

It looks like Russia is starting to “nationalize” businesses in Crimea now too

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  • Sandy Miller

    Ukraine where are your can you have 8 people on watch there? Where are your volunteers. Where did the 500 come from chechnia, russia. bomb the bastards to hell.