More than 100 thousand pre-filled separatist ‘referendum’ ballots seized as a terrorist group is captured

2014/05/10 • News

A group of armed terrorists was captured on May 10 in the environs of Sloviansk of Donetsk Oblast, according to ‘Obozrevatel’ web-site’s source among the Ukrainian law-enforcers.

Upon the search of the automobile driven by the detainees, an assault rifle and two hanguns with ammunition as well as traumatic weapons were found. The law-enforcers also discovered more than 100 thousand voting ballots to be used in the unlawful referendum concerning the independence of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) the separatists plan to hold on May 11.

All of the ballots seized were pre-filled in favor of the DPR’s independence.


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    This is a re-blog. Bizarre: 100,000 pre-filled referendum ballots found in a separatist bust in Donetsk, Ukraine.

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    Proof of the “legitimacy ” of the so-called referendum . What a farce!

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