Dnipropetrovsk holds march for unity

2014/05/05 • News

dnipropetrovskIn Dnipropetrovsk before the Ukrainian Premier League soccer match between the Dnipro and Karpaty teams on Sunday, May 4,  some three thousand fans gathered to walk together through the center of the city, shouting slogans against Russian aggression and for the unity of Ukraine, reports TV channel 5.ua.

The march began with a moment of silence in memory of those killed in clashes in Odesa on May 2. Participants carried the national flags of Ukraine and chanted “Heroes do not die,” “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!,” “East and West together,” “Odesa,” “Putin is a thief” and performed the famous chant Putin ***lo.

Many participants in the march as well as spectators in the stadium during the match wore embroidered shirts. Before and after the game the entire stadium performed the national anthem of Ukraine, with most of those present singing.

Source: http://www.5.ua/ukrajina/suspilstvo/item/382975-u-dnipropetrovsku-proishla-masova-khoda-za-iednist-ukrainy


  • Maister

    I am Slovenian and I’m proud of you Ukrainians. Unity will overcome Russian monster and devil Putin. Glory to Ukraine.